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The automotive industry is improving with the introduction of new technologies. The vehicles are becoming safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly. Digital technologies are making their way to the automotive industry and the cars are becoming tech accessories. The fundamental purpose for the vehicle has remained the same over the years but there is more focus on software content rather than the hardware. All of the valued characteristics that are nowadays added to the vehicles are related to digital capabilities. The automotive developers need to find ways to adjust according to the tech development efforts and boost them accordingly.

The automotive trends are changing regarding vehicle manufacturing and design along with other aspects of the industry like easier VTAA accreditation.

Here are a few tech trends that are making huge differences in the automotive industry.

Change in consumer behavior and car use:

The automotive trends change mainly because of changing consumer habits. The industry has to make sure that the customers are satisfied. The focus of the consumers is increasing on the user experience and their preferences are pointing towards electric cars and as the number of charging stations increases the electric cars are gaining more popularity. Consumers are demanding cars that have integrated tech environment that allows them to connect the car to a variety of devices.

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Efficient mobility data:

The latest car models can be called supercomputers on wheels because there is a lot of software that plays an important role in the functionality of the vehicles. More sensors are added to the vehicles that present new opportunities and also pose serious challenges. The sensor fusion technology has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It offers the feature of integrating and efficiently manages the data that is coming from all the different sensors installed in the car.

The connectivity and sensors add safety to the car along with improving the fundamental principles of the mobility industry. The ways of processing the automotive big data have improved a lot over time and have become an integral part of the automotive industry.

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Artificial intelligence:

The artificial intelligence has become an important part of a lot of industries and the automotive industry is one of them. The experts of the automotive industry are looking for ways to make the best of the power the AI has to offer. The AI is helpful in improving the comfort, performance, and safety of the vehicles. The trends of deep learning and contextual artificial intelligence are going to be a big part of the automotive industry in the future.

The automotive companies looking to stay successful then they have to make an effort to develop their capabilities related to simulation testing, image processing, image recognition and help in better decision making. Some of the latest luxury cars have driver monitoring systems and the automotive industries are working on experimenting with new possibilities that AI has to offer.

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The 3-D printing:

The automotive industry is changing a lot with time and the 3-D printing is also making its way to it. The first 3-D models of cars are expected to hit the Chinese road in 2019. 3-D printing is going to change the automotive industry as it will offer a customer a chance to customize the cars and make them satisfied with their investment.

The Augmented reality:

Augmented reality has widespread applications to offer when it comes to the automotive industry. It can be used by automotive companies to improve the stages of production, design, maintenance, and prototyping. The industry is looking to take full advantage of augmented reality and manufacture better and safer vehicles.

These are just some of the new automotive industry trends that are going to shape the industry’s future. The changing trends are a reflection of changing consumer behavior and innovation is the key to the success of the industry.