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Mortal Kombat games have always had this reputation of being one of the most brutal and violent games in the whole gaming industry. Even so there was a time when the Mortal Kombat series didn’t really have much of a storyline and the reason why most of the people played this game was because of its fluid combat system and violence but those times have long gone now and the last few Mortal Kombat games have seen drastic changes following a good combination of both a fatal combat system and an awesome storyline. The New Mortal Kombat 11 follows the same trends with its immense graphics, extensive combat, and a great storyline. The new Mortal Kombat 11 has been released for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo switch for a price tag of about $60 but is this game worth putting $60? Well, here’s our full review for the new Mortal Kombat 11.


The story of this year’s Mortal Kombat is just magnificent you’ll get about 6 hours of story mode gameplay with this new Mortal Kombat 11. The story picks off right where Mortal Kombat X left, apparently, Shinnok gets defeated by Raiden and Raiden beheads Shinnok and with help of Sonia cage and the Special Forces he destroys most of the revenants and their armies but before he can proceed further his plan is completely turned to ashes by a new villain named Kronika. Kronika is a really powerful being that doesn’t like the killing of Shinnok and other enemies of the earth realm and says that due to Raiden’s past interference with time and due to execution of Shinnok, the universe has been unbalanced and so, in order to stop Raiden and his accomplices she asks revenant Liu Kang and Kitana to help her reset the timeline. The plan of resetting the timeline leads to a good story where you get to see many young characters meet their current selves that creates many funny and thrilling scenarios, you also get to see some of the characters from the past fighting against their own revenants. Johnny cage, in particular, steals the show. You can easily get great discount on video games using Amazon Offers.

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Gameplay and Combat

Mortal Combat has always been known for its great fighting style and an awesome combat system. Unlike most of the other games which follow a combat system that includes light attacks or heavy attacks or just some extra buttons for special abilities, Mortal Kombat games follow their own unique combat system. Mortal Combat’s unique combat system consists of buttons for punch, kicks and a block button to block the incoming enemy attacks and to fire up those so-called special abilities or to dominate the match one must use only these buttons and make a combination that would later initiate a special move or a special attack. Sure, this type of system takes time to learn but trust me when you actually get the hang of this combat system, playing this game would be worth it and there’s nothing much to worry about because like every other game, Mortal Kombat 11 also has a tutorial that will start from the basics and will help you in learning the most advanced fatal moves in the game. Talking about the gameplay there hasn’t been much change from last year’s Mortal Kombat X except for of course the fact that the gameplay this year is a little slower from last year’s Mortal Kombat which always had this rushed gameplay.

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Multiplayer and Customization

No matter how long the story of a game is it will eventually end and then to keep playing the game you’ll just be left with the Multiplayer mode. Well, it’s not all true in case of Mortal Kombat 11 since aside from online matches there are lots of other stuff like the Towers of Time mode where the difficulties of your fights are really high but defeating your enemy could get you special gears or consumables then there’s the Krypt, it’s like a mode where you can free roam in various dungeons to look for chests and loots that require some or the other form of currency to open and when you’re finally done with all that there’s always the online mode with casual matches, king of the hill matches, AI matches and Ranked matches. A lot of character customization is also available this time, you can choose from at least 50 skins, 100’s of customizable gear and a fair selection of different techniques and that is available for every character. In addition to this if you are looking for Sainik School Recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it.

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Mortal Kombat 11 is an awesome game with an action-packed storyline that also has some dramatic, sad and funny moments in it as well, a combat system that could be a little difficult to learn but once you get the hang of it the gameplay will feel very satisfying and last but not the least it’s really addictive Online mode that will keep you from boring out on this game for several months. However, there are always things like the Tower of time or the randomized loot but other than that Mortal Kombat 11 is a game worth putting your money on.