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The immense popularity of WordPress has led to its emergence as an excellent career option. A lot of people including developers were attracted towards the platform because of its open-source nature. The free code allowed them to experiment which in turn enriched the platform itself. Web developers need to streamline their workflow in order to improve their productivity. This can be done by following the best practices of their profession as well as implementing helpful tools. In this post, we are presenting a list of some vital WordPress plugins for web developers. These solutions will be helpful in easing various tasks associated with website building and boost their performance.

1. UpdraftPlus

Every developer knows that it is inevitable that things will go wrong at some point in time. It is essential to take steps to ensure that no valuable data is lost during such instances. Taking a backup must be second nature for everyone involved with web development. However, it can be a cumbersome task if done manually. You can automate the entire process of backup creation by using the UpdraftPlus plugin. This product will back up your files and database to a location of your choice. You can choose to store your data on Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and other services.

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2. Debug Bar

Debugging is a key activity in the process of website management. It keeps an interface efficient and free of errors. This helps in improving the performance of the website as well. Debug Bar is a plugin which includes a debug menu in the admin bar which displays key debugging information like query, cache, etc. You can use the tool to track PHP notices and warnings. It will also be helpful in keeping track of MySQL queries. The plugin comes with a range of add-ons to extend its core functionality. You can use them to get in-depth knowledge of shortcodes, registered post types, WP Cron, actions and filters and other elements.

3. Theme Check

WordPress theme customization has evolved as a separate field in itself. If you are involved in developing new templates or even convert HTML to WordPress theme, then you must use the Theme Check plugin. It can be used to test a theme and assess whether it fits the latest theme review standards or not. It contains the same set of testing tools that are used by to verify theme submissions. All the tests can be conducted through a simple admin menu. This open source software is one of the handiest WordPress plugins for web developers as it helps evaluate a template exactly according to the CMS’ standards.

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4. WordFence

Security is an important aspect which cannot be ignored by developers or webmasters. A website is an immensely important tool for all kinds of organizations and any breach can cause extensive damage to its finances and reputation. The Wordfence plugin has a firewall and malware scanner which acts as a safety shield for your interface. It is constantly updated to include the latest firewall rules, malware signatures, and malicious IP addresses. This ensures that your website is protected from all kinds of threats whether old or recent. It also contains a range of other safety features including 2-factor authentication.

5. User Switching

Does your job involve handling multiple user accounts for different websites? Then try the User Switching plugin to shift between different profiles with a single click. This tool will be helpful even if you want to debug or test different user roles and privileges. It is a completely secure solution which allows only administrators or super admins to conduct the switching. The product is compatible with WordPress Multisite, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress. This means that whether you run an e-commerce store, social network or forum, you can use the tool to switch user roles.

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6. Query Monitor

Query Monitor is another nifty tool for coders which lets them debug PHP errors, database queries, enqueued scripts, block editor blocks, stylesheets, and more. You can see which plugin or theme is not performing optimally by customizing its output by plugins and themes. All the aggregate database queries are categorized by themes, plugins, and functions which had caused them. The plugin has a range of advanced features like debugging of REST API calls, Ajax calls, and user capability checks.

7. Advanced CSS Editor

Programmers can use the Advanced CSS Editor to write the stylesheet code for different devices straight from the Live Customizer. This will enable coders to see the output of their program in real-time. They only need to select a device like desktop, smartphone or tablet and then compose custom CSS. The tool will help them see the result while they are editing. The tool also minifies the code to optimize the interface.


WordPress custom plugin development ensures that there is no dearth of solutions for users as well as professionals. Developers can use any of the plugins mentioned here to ease common tasks and enhance their performance.