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Making hobbit of mobiles is just making your home into it. It could change a healthy person into his pathetic condition and mobile addiction seems not much different from the addition of drugs. 

There’s a test for cell phone addiction 

If you have ever used Facebook then you can understand about online quizzes that they are pretty much human catnip. Here’s one that might truly be worth giving sometimes from your lifethe Smartphone Compulsion Test this test is developed by David Greenfield, Ph.D., of the Center for Internet and Technology Addictions at the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine. 

According to the mindset of Greenfield, a word “yes” means to answer more than 5 out of the 15 questions specifies that a person likely has a problem creating a relationship with their mobile device. As Price, herself admits, nowadays it seems like “the only method to score below a 5 on this test is to that not having a smartphone.” 

Social media apps are designed to hook you 

An Employee of Facebook has made a clear cut point that Social media is much related to a slot machine, said Sandy Parakilas. He is the person who tried to avoid the use of service after he left the company in 2012.”It literally felt like I was quitting cigarettes. “During his year and five months at Facebook, he said, others had also recognized this danger. 

Moreover, former Mozilla and Jawbone employee Aza Raskin said “Using these social media apps are it’s as if they’re taking behavioral cocaine and involving with your permission in all over your affairs and that’s the thing that keeps. “Behind every screen on your phone, there are generally like literally a thousand engineers that have worked on this thing to try to make it extremely addicting” he added. 

Smartphones and slot machines have something in common 

Possibly, your better half is starting to get irritated when you take your smartphone out at restaurants, or maybe on a Life Time London tour. Maybe you’re starting to sense that all of your time if given to smartphone checking mails etc. and you have totally ignored your personal life. 

Have you ever noticed that you are totally addicted to your mobiles? If you decide that you need to take a break from this by cutting off all this, how can you manage to keep your gadget-related obligations in check? After all, you’re a businessman and dealing business of social media and mobiles; you’re not going to through your cell phone in the trash and go live in a lonely place where you feeling your own importanceThere is always a gut feeling, either it is a drug or food or shopping or technology. 

Effects of Smartphones on the Brain 

Recent research suggests that smartphone usage serious effect on the brain, although the long-term effects remain to be seen. In one study invented to the Radiological Society of North America, researchers found that youth with a so-called internet and smartphone addition truly proven imbalances in brain chemistry compared to a control group.  

Another research has found, in the Journal of the Association for Consumer that cognitive capacity was significantly reduced every time a smartphone is within reach, even when the phone is switched off. 

Social and motion nature of kids can be disturbed by the use of smartphones, that it can damage their sleep patterns, and that it might even turn some people into lazy thinkers, which is a clear symptom of a weak brain. 

Tech innovators don’t let their kids have devices 

Pupils are back in classrooms and parents can finally have a brief interval from worrying about their children’s extreme use of a screen or, at least, they know their entire fault which they had to make. This brother visits its peaks annually within the summer holidays, those long, sunny weeks well-lighted in massive half by the blueish lightweight from children’s smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Children spend their most of time in using devices because they have no tension of school, its homework, etc. 

Furthermore, the beep and ping of devices trigger complex emotions. In many homes, parents instantaneously criticize their offspring’s use of tech and are relieved by it. For example some goblin babysitter, it squats in the corner of family life, murmuring powerfully, turning children silent and glassy-eyed. 

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