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On today’s life watching movies and videos these are the best entertaining things. When comes to watch multimedia contents then there are so many numbers of apps are available in the market. That is why you want to choose Vidmate app on your device. This app helps you a lot to download and watch any of the media content. In this platform there are millions + media contents are accessible.

No matter about the category of the media content it will help you to download and stream any of the media contents.

What are the features of Vidmate app?

Here come the features you want to know about Vidmate app,

Unlimited contents:

This app is well-known for its limitless numbers of media contents. If you choose this app then you can easily able to download anything. Once after you installed it then you ought to search for the content you want later it will provide you all sorts of media content based on the searching content. 

You can either search by means of the specific category or else you can search through the content name or keyword.


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Once after you enter the searching content then this app will give you so many numbers of the media file. From that pick the one you want. This app will provide you recommendation based on the content you would have watched beforehand. At the same time, you will be able to choose your likely contents on your choice.

No matter what you can have a straightforward media watching experience in this app. So make use of this app.

Change resolution and format:

If you are going to take any of the media files from this app then you are allowed to change the resolution and format of this app. All you want to do is just clicking on the particular resolution and then the format. There are so many numbers of formats and resolutions are available thus you can easily able to choose anything based on your preference.

Watch saved contents:

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All the video streaming apps are available with the watching saved videos option. But you are allowed to watch only some amounts alone. In this app there is no such restriction and all. You all set to save any of the videos and then watch it afterward as well. in order to watch these contents you don’t need internet and all. 

Be it is any place and time you all set to watch any of the content so make use of this app and enjoy viewing any of your favorite videos with no internet.

Watch the latest and live videos:

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You can easily watch any of the latest and live videos with the help of this app. When you choose Vidmate app then-latest contents will automatically come in the home screen. At the same time, you can easily view all the live contents that are streaming just now. These are all the main features of this app and it all facilitates you.