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Looking for a job is a stressful enough thing to do in an environment that you know and are comfortable in. Imagine having to do it somewhere you know almost nothing about – scary thought, isn’t it? Well, I’m here to tell you that even the best CV writing service won’t get you through it on its own. While it might sound like a great hassle, finding a job in a foreign country that will easily get you through all your expenses and help you build a career is quite possible. All you have to do is keep a few basic things in mind, and you’re pretty much good to go.

The best jobs are always hidden

When looking for a job, your first instinct is to look in the most obvious places. However, advertisements and newspapers will only get you so far. Statistically, only 10-20% of job listings are ever posted, which means that the perfect job for you is most likely isn’t out in the open. Check out different sources, try to find it in places that aren’t obvious.

  • Social media is the best place for you to search for jobs best suited for you. A lot of companies hire through social media and recruit people through it.
  • Not only will this give you a better idea of the place you’re about to be employed to, it will also reduce a ton of competition, since obvious newspaper jobs already have a lot of people applying to them.
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Where will you find the best acceptance?

When considering a foreign country to work in, you must consider the bias. A lot of companies might prefer hiring locals over foreigners. They might focus on building the economy of their country through providing their natives with jobs, but fret not – there are still several places that accept expatriates. Search for places willing to hire outsiders to increase your chances of getting in.

  • In order to avoid getting rejected solely on the basis of your origin, make sure you know that you at least qualify for the place you’re applying to.

Don’t rely too much on what you already know

What kind of a job is it? Will it require you to learn the native language of that country? Or maybe, to learn more about their cultural norms? These are skills which you need to work on before considering a job there, because it’s something that could cause a problem for you if you don’t plan ahead, even if you do get the job.

  • Working on these skills beforehand will also ensure bonus points in the interview. They will instantly appreciate the effort you made to better your working experience in advance.

Recommendations always help

Get in touch with your old boss, or even your old high school teacher! The more recommendations you add to your resume, the better your chances of getting the job. Reach out to people, rekindle old acquaintances. Try to communicate with anyone who could help you out. Having people recommend you is something your employer will definitely take under consideration. It will strengthen your position a lot.

  • Try to make it so that the people you get recommendations from have some sort of experience in the field you’re applying to, or maybe some connections through PR.
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Don’t give up!

Looking for a job is never an easy task. It’s really easy to get frustrated and quit before you’ve even explored all of your options, so prepare yourself for rejection beforehand. Remember your goal and hold on to it, because temporary failure is a part of any career path you may choose. If you let this get in the way of your hustle, you’ll most likely not even get the chance to showcase your skills.

  • Apply to multiple jobs and be patient. You might not find work instantly, but remember that there are endless vacancies in the industry, and a lot of them potentially have your name on them.

Polish up on your interview skills

If your application was accepted, you’re already a step closer to getting the job. Now, the interview will most likely either be on the phone or through video chat. In a situation like this, since they can’t really judge you on things like your body language, you will have to step up your game and win them over with only what you say. If that sounds like a considerably difficult thing to do – don’t worry, it is. However, it’s very easy to overcome if you keep in mind a few basic job interview tips.

  • Make sure you know what you are talking about. If you can’t convince yourself that you’re right for the job, you surely won’t be able to convince anyone else. Remember to do your homework on it.
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Don’t be afraid to brag a little

Don’t be afraid to overdo it a little. Mention any skills that you have that may help you in this particular job. Don’t waste their time by mentioning irrelevant accomplishments like your 4th grade play, try to make it things that will make you a better candidate for the job. It’s easy to get sidetracked, so keep yourself in check and do not beat around the bush.

  • While it’s okay to mention your skills, try to make sure that they are relevant to the job you’re applying to. This will further reassure your employer of what you can do for them.
  • Try to bring up these skills in the interview as well, so they may ask you any questions they could potentially have about your skill set with respect to that particular job. It will allow them to further trust you as a part of their company.


Fiona Ray has a master’s in linguistics and now works as a content writer for different magazines and websites. She has written several articles on different topics of her expertise and also writes blogs for Content Majestic through which she helps struggling writers improve their skills.