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When you start your business, no one is aware of the presence of your brand. Marketing your brand will help it to gain its presence in the strategic marketing dynamics. Gone are the days when traditional marketing solutions can leverage brands alone. In the current age of digitalization, BTL activation campaigns boost the brand presence and reach millions of people while boosting interactions.

Brand activation is a process of giving life to the brand and engaging a large number of people by giving them brand experiences. Brand activation campaigns are designed to boost interaction between the brand and customers, which later results in building customer-brand relationships. Experiential marketing solutions, sampling, in-store brand activations, etc. are some of the most popular ways of planning a successful brand activation campaign. Experiential technology for events is used by many brands that entice customer action instantly. It is an effective technique for planning a successful brand activation campaign as it allows customers to discuss the brand or the product even after the event gets over. It gives your brand the much-desired hype and makes it the talk of the town. It even allows the old brand to increase its awareness among the audience who are not aware of its presence earlier. When a brand wants to rebrand itself or change its positioning in the market or a new brand wants to make its own space in the market, planning a successful brand activation campaign or using experiential marketing solutions can help the brand to leverage.

Steps involved in planning brand activation campaign

1. Identify the idea

The first and foremost step when you think about opting for brand activation solutions. You must be clear in the head, whether you want to launch a new product or brand or want to rebrand an existing brand. Before strategizing for BTL activation campaigns, look whether experiential marketing solutions will support your brand or other forms like sampling, in-store promotions will benefit your brand. 

2. Activate your brand

Brand activation solutions give life to the brand while presenting your idea in front of customers. Brand activation campaign allows you to have face to face interaction with your customers in a fun way. Experiential marketing solutions allow you to engage a large number of audiences in a more interactive and fun way. An effective brand activation adds value to the customer and makes them aware of the positives of the brand. 

3. Marketing  through various channels

For successful brand activation, a promotional event is not enough. You must create various interactive experiences for your brand. BTL & ATL marketing solutions together should be used by brands to interact and reach the maximum number of audience. Using more than one channel of promoting a brand will help in building a fan base for the brand. 

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Things to consider for planning a successful brand activation campaign

Brand activation is the keystone for any brand as it gives life to the brand and reaches millions of customers. When a brand plans for its brand activation campaign, you should keep a few simple things in mind to make it a success. Let’s have a look at the five most important considerations that will help in making your BTL activation campaigns achieve its desired result. 

1. Set the goal you want to achieve

When you plan your brand activation campaign you must be well aware of your goal, that what you want to achieve. Before you start with a brand activation solution to engage audiences or have face to face interactions while opting for experiential technology for events, you must decide on your goals. You must be aware of the objective of the brand activation solution and see whether it will be achieved in specific time duration and resources available. Planning brand activation campaigns according to the timeline and resources available help the brand to achieve optimal results. Be realistic while deciding your goals that are reasonable to ensure achievement.

2. Decide on your budget beforehand, for BTL activation campaigns

It is not always necessary to spend huge lumps of money for making a brand activation campaign successful. But you need to spend some penny in order to make a promotional brand activation campaign and achieve success. To achieve success brands use various internal and external channels. ATL & BTL activation campaigns require the amount to be spent to maximize the brand’s reach. It is recommended to decide on your budget beforehand and then plan BTL activation campaigns for your brand suiting your budget. It allows brands to measure the return on an investment after the completion of the brand activation campaign. Deciding the budget before carrying out any brand activation campaign prevents the brand from any financial crisis.

3. Understand what appeals your target audience

Understanding your target audience is a must for the success of any brand activation campaign. Communication is the key to all promotional marketing activities. You must understand your audience’s behavior, their likes & dislikes and the challenges they face. It will help you in developing the marketing strategy as per your target audience. A brand activation campaign designed as per your potential audience is likely to gain more success. Your audience preference may vary from location to location. The experience and taste of the audience at a different location will be entirely different. An event that happens in Bangalore will be entirely different from that in Delhi, even if the target audience is the same.

4. Work on Call-to-Action after the event

You have used brand activation solutions to give life to your brand and have made your target customers aware about the same. If your BTL activation campaigns are effective and hold the audience’s attention easily then your half work is done. But if the customer doesn’t take any action or make any purchase decision they never will. The main aim of the brand activation campaign is to entice the customer’s actions. Once your target customer is part of the brand activation event, you can use a call to action to motivate them to make purchase decisions. Call to action does not necessarily end with the promotional brand activation at the event, but starts with it. As the audience became aware of your product with BTL activation campaigns.

5. Take advantage of all the available channels

A brand can achieve success with experiential brand activation events. It allows the audience to participate in the event and give their valuable feedback. But experiential marketing solutions and promotional brand activation events are not enough alone. A wide number of audience that is present online, who can not attend brand activation events are left untouched. For a successful brand activation campaign, the brand must even engage an audience online through online brand activation campaigns. There are a large number of audiences around the world that did not attend the brand event but love your brand. You can simply create a hashtag for your brand event and use it across social media wherever you share about your event, it will help your brand reach millions of people online.