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Since Edison invented the Bulb, times have updated. Such changes that were deemed impossible is now making mass changes as the industrial revolution did at one time. No who would have thought humans could make a machine fly let alone create a machine that could do the manual work?

No doubt, humans are a superior race that wants to achieve more and more. Since cellular phones have been invented their shape, size and functions have changed. From being bulky to pocket-sized to smartphones it’s safe to say that everything has upgraded.

Now You Don’t Have to Use Maps to Find Routes to a New Destination.

GPS (global positioning system) has made things a lot easier (thanks to google maps) everything is available online. Especially when it comes to travelling, mobile applications have made things a lot easier. Chances of getting lost have reduced a lot and well its convenient as well.

When travelling for Umrah and hajj, you don’t have to go blindly, different applications make it easier and compensate the pilgrims on their holy journeys, even different travel agencies providing a cheap Umrah packages knows its importance and promote uses of certain apps for healthy travelling.

  1. WeSalam – Hajj and Umrah Guide

Ratings:  4.7

Muslims going for a cheap hajj and Umrah package knows the importance of using a mobile app and this app is helpful for both hajj and Umrah travelling. If you are looking for a safe travel guide than this app is helpful while your time in Makkah and Madinah. This app helps to give you a unique spiritual experience on your journey.

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The main features are;

  • Hajj and Umrah timelines: moving step by step for rituals.
  • Tawaf and Sai’i tools: helps you to remember several tawafs, counts on your behalf.
  • Quran Reader: browse any surah of the Quran and keep the bookmark on pages as well.
  • Prayer times and Qibla: easy to find Qibla direction and tells time for prayers accordingly.
  • My dua: save random duas either in voice notes or pictures.

  1. 3D Hajj and Umrah Guide

Ratings: 4.2

Another interactive app as a Hajj guide app is helpful for pilgrims. It’s easy to download and offers a complete 3D model and a step by step instruction guide of places of Ziayarats.

According to the developer, this app is based on proper Quran and Sunnah. The ultimate focus is on the hajj performance step by step.

Key features of this app are;
  • 360-degree model of masjid e Haram, Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah are available.
  • A small boy’s character will act as a moving icon in the right direction.
  • Instructions for Ihram, step by step.
  • Actions and rules of Hajj and Umrah with particular dates.
  • High definition audio for Duas (available with English translation).
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It’s a simple and user-friendly app to use when travelling via a travel agency offering some of their cheap deals for Umrah and Hajj.

  1. Hajj and Umrah

Ratings: 4.9

This Hajj and Umrah app are convenient for many users, who are planning to perform hajj and Umrah this year and many next to come. It focuses on both holy journeys and a step by step ritual guide as well.

Besides providing step by step guidelines it also;
  • Sign language for the disabled
  • Duas about particular places
  • Provide accurate prayer times and Qibla direction no matter in which country you are.
  • Locate hotels, restaurants and other places for Ziayarats.
  • Keep a check on weather updates.
  • Provides the feature of currency converter as well.

By using this app, pilgrims can easily perform the vital steps, and not be at mercy to ask for guidelines or carry excessive materials in the small satchel he has to carry. It’s all available on the mobile phone.

  1. Smart Hajj

Ratings: 4.9

This is designed to associate all necessary guidelines required to perform Hajj. But the most important factor is that it helps to track “Fard, Wajib and Sunnah of Hajj” based on your current location.

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This app also provides Hajj rituals based on time and location and directions for the next ritual.

Moreover, it can;
  • Locate companions travelling with you.
  • Provided out of binding services, makes sure you are within the bounds of Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah or Haram.
  • Provides communication via Hajj Messenger to stay in touch with friends and relatives.
  • Facilitate with the offline maps, you can download in advance
  • You can send 3 free SMS every day, anywhere.
  • Emergency services are available on the onscreen button
  • Finds a way to the nearest currency converter centre
  • Translation services from/to Arabic
  • Supports Multilingual support

You can log in through your Twitter, Google or Facebook accounts and is easy to install.

Point to Remember

No doubt, apps are convenient to use and are user-friendly as well. They can enhance the travelling experience and is a welcome acquaintance to your journey as well.

Mobile apps are faster, easy to handle, and every important detail you might need is just under one roof.

Move a step ahead and download any of these apps to accommodate your journey. Nothing makes life easier than technology.