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Every successful start-up business owner knows the relevance of ORM (Online Reputation Management). A TripAdvisor study, conducted in 2018, surveyed a group of reputed and influential business owners in the U.S about the popular trends that are essential for them about business development and brand promotion. Most entrepreneurs and business owners considered that it is necessary to maintain a proper online reputation amongst their potential customers and business partners.

What the search engine says about a brand impacts people thought process! A negative review can make a large section of users change their mind about a brand’s product. It can come in the way of their buying decision and make users opt-in for any other brand. To know more about this, you can get in touch with online reputation management Brooklyn service providers.

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Does your brand have a favorable online reputation? If yes, then you must keep on maintaining the same and enhance it manifold. The following three smart tactics can help.

  1. Maintain an audit

Do you know what customers get to see when they search for your brand? It should ideally be an updated website, with proper online profiling and news articles about your product launches and brand performance. It helps the new customers to form an opinion about your brand. If your brand misses out on this, chances are the customers will not consider knowing more about your brand.

Also, you need to be aware of whether users come across any negative reviews about your company. It might result in losing approximately 22% of business from potential customers. When you have three negative articles in a row, the loss can catapult to 59.2%. There’s more you need to address here! Check whether you have confusing CTA’s in the digital footprint. Is your web assets active, or it needs some work to be done? Is there any old Facebook status or tweets that can be misleading? It is essential to make these observations, as well.

  1. You need to make good use of the online reviews 

The online review platforms are available in all sizes and shapes. And each has its purposes. The employee-driven platforms such as Indeed and Glassdoor will have an impact on the employment offers. On the other hand, review platforms like Google and Yelp will influence sales. There are specific review platforms for health, medical, travel, entertainment, and other sectors as well. Positive reviews are always beneficial. Almost 84% of the customers trust online reviews and base their decision on that.

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Similarly, a poor review will act against your favour. You can ensure to generate as many positive reports as possible without making it look doctored or forced. Requesting your customers for feedback is the way to go about it.

  1. Address comments and queries

Your customers want to speak to you about their experience and other questions. They reach out to you through social media comments and feedback. It is essential to have a customer care team or a social media management team to respond to customer queries. For general comments, you can fix an automated reply option, as well.

You can use these three essential guidelines to ensure your online reputation doesn’t take a dip. You can also opt-in for other useful tactics that you deem fit.

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