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We all know that employee attrition or churn rate is an uncontrollable factor and it keeps varying every now and then. Employers keep fighting battles to curb this menace and bring about every possible amendment in their policies and workflow to reduce the number of parting employees. Apparently, they do everything on their part with proper analysis and evaluation. But in the relay of making things right, they forget to consider employees’ side of the story! The prime key to cracking the code of a lower attrition number is to simply look at your organization through the lens of your human resource. 

It is a given fact that living upto the expectations of your workforce results in keeping them happy and satisfied, thereby boosting the overall employee retention rate of the organization. So take a peek at some of the parameters mentioned below that form an employees perception about an organization and really make them stay for a long time. 

Career Growth Opportunities

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Who doesn’t want to grow and reach the peak of success? Every individual coming to the office and working hard everyday has one common goal, and it is career development. Be it horizontal or vertical promotions, appraisals, international / big-budget projects or any kind of uplift, the manpower wants to see and feel the growth options. So, if employees can see that you support their growth in the desired direction and provide wings to their professional dreams, they will marry you right away and be committed to working with you!

A Decent And Suitable Salary

The other, very crucial factor that aids decision-making of employees for continuing to work is the pay they get. The salary should be decided as per work level, capability and experience of the candidate. Even before joining an organization, candidates have an idea of the salary break-up through different kinds of offer letter template available online. So, the complete remuneration should also be transparent from day one. Besides, there must be appraisals, rewards and recognition for providing financial upgradation and making them feel valued.

Chances To Upskill

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Now, the next thing that’s on every employee’s mind is training and development. After a certain point, work life seems stagnant and monotonous. The staff needs a breather and refreshment at the same time by participating in interactive and knowledge-sharing sessions from time to time. If the employees get enough in-house trainings and certifications then half the problem is already solved because they won’t feel the need to go anywhere else.  

Healthy Work Culture / Positive Environment

Mental peace and satisfaction is the utmost priority for any living being. So, for someone who spends more than half of the day inside office, it needs to be cheerful, productive and worthwhile. A healthy competition in team, good working condition of equipment and friendly colleagues are some factors to support the same. Besides, policies like Dress Code, Time and Attendance should not be extremely rigid and employees must be given additional benefits to maintain work-life balance. Nobody would want to leave such a flourishing atmosphere!