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According to the latest report presented by IBEF, the Indian healthcare industry can grow up to Rs.8.6 trillion by the end of 2022, becoming one of the largest sectors of India contributing to both employment and revenue. 

This huge growth in healthcare is backed by the automation of technology and incorporation of healthcare management software. 

With the advancement in technology, utilisation of software in medical practise is a must as it ensures –

  • Increment in productivity. 
  • Higher efficiency. 
  • Improved security. 
  • Cost-effectiveness.

Further, such automotive software and tools are segregated in extensive range depending upon the dedicated use it focuses on, such as client management, practice management, employee management, and workflow management. 

Follow this handy guide to patient and queue management software solutions and learn how to excel as an entrepreneur in the healthcare domain. Further, look into a few of the software that is popular and assures efficiency in the operation of healthcare practice. 

  • Q-nomy 

It is one of the most crucial software that medical professionals use to organise and manage long queues of patients based on various protocols, like first in first out. 

Qnomy’s queue management software helps in –

  • Managing patient queues. 
  • Reducing wait time for patients. 
  • Controlling digital signal to call patient based on their appointment number.
  • Central server located at a single point of service can control several branches. 
  • The software works fine with any hardware. 

It is essential for healthcare professionals working on a large scale to implement these strategies so that they ensure better customer performance. Such top medical software and their applications have helped healthcare professionals venture new heights in their endeavour. 

  • Kareo 
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Kareo is a practice management software utilised by healthcare practitioners to perform web-based medical billing and manage other operations, like –

  • Patient collection,
  • Develop customised reports, 
  • Record patient data, etc. 

This software further eases the hassles of insurance claims made by patients – medical practitioners can easily access patient data in a few clicks and help them with the insurance claim. 

  • AdvancedMD EHR Software 

AdvancedMD EHR Software is an application suite developed for medical professionals who practise independently. 

Some of the major features of the software are as mentioned below – 

  • EHR,
  • Practice management software, 
  • Telemedicine, 
  • Financial analytics,
  • Business intelligence reporting, 
  • Patient engagement, etc. 

By taking these features into account, medical professionals will be better able to decide how to shortlist the best EHR software for their clinic. 

  • Lybrate 
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It is a healthcare technology company that developed a platform with the same name. The platform helps medical professionals avail more patients by helping these individuals connect with each other more efficiently. 

The user-friendly interface and improved electronic health record of patients make it a popular software as it is beneficial for both patients and medical practitioners. 

  • NextGen 

This software offers a cloud-based EHR, which is best utilised in private practices. The practice management software offers the patient a user-friendly interface and is compatible with all devices viz. laptop, desktop, mobile, tablets, etc. 

Some features of NextGen are –

  • Automates insurance eligibility, 
  • Request refills,
  • Schedule telehealth appointments, etc.

Implementing this software in medical practising helps healthcare professionals increase efficiency, save time, and manage they are practice even better. 

Subsequently, the implementation of such queue management software and other applications solutions helps medical professionals in directing their business towards success. They can achieve more efficiency while reducing time consumption and making the process cost-effective. 

However, such software comes along with price as it ensures to boost the performance of medical practitioner and offer better user experience to the patients who are using the portal so developed. 

Doctors and medical professionals need to make a one-time investment and deploy such software solution in their medical practice. 

These investments can be met through their savings or by acquiring a business loan for doctors. Non-banking financial companies like Bajaj Finserv facilitate such loans. 

Subsequently, incorporating such software in their medical pursuits will help doctors with improved workflow and performance. 

This list of queue management software and practise management application helps medical professionals boost productivity while incorporating cost-effective methodologies.