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The importance of Lift Rumah over the years has significantly increased. The main reason for so much dependency over a lift is that it saves so much time!

In the current ever-developing era, each one of us are busy almost all twenty-four hours of the day. In this entire time, lift rumah has become a certain necessary need for us. We at PT MAXIMA SYSTEM provide you with your need and preference by meeting your expectations. Lift Rumah is now being used mostly in hospitals to move an emergency patient from one place to another. If you also have an elderly patient or a small child at your home then make sure to install lift rumah as soon as possible.

Services offered by us

You might be wondering that there are several other websites and pages that offer the same lift rumah, so why choose us. Well the reason why we are the best are listed as follows :

Pre sales consultant: Our trained staff visits your location at your prescribed time to discuss your requirements. During this time you will also be provided with the estimated price range of lift rumah.

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Installation: We provide free-of-cost installation within 24 hours of purchasing. Each of the lift rumah is professionally installed so that there are no gaps for irresponsible. Before handing over to you, our professional engineer rechecks whether everything is right or not.

Service and maintenance: One year free of maintenance and service check up is provided to you, absolutely free of cost. If there are any issues identified during the routine checkup of lift rumah then additional technical maintenance is provided.

Why trust us ?

It is a common thing that you might be skeptical about trusting us blindfolded, right ? Well then please give us a call and we will have a detailed discussion about your needs and preferences. Other than this you can also check our reviews section, for reviews from our past clients. Other than these, some of the definite reasons to trust us over others are :

  • Assured maintenance of quality
  • Efficiently customize to meet you needs
  • Established track record in public and residential sector
  • Professional trained staff
  • Certified use of equipment to maintain safety
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We at PT MAXIMA SYSTEM make sure to meet your needs as soon as possible so that there are no challenges faced with it. Our main aim is to serve our customers with the best service, maintaining affordable cost-structure. Maintaining security is our first and foremost priority at PT MAXIMA SYSTEM. Due to this reason we provide free maintenance to our customers. Other than this we also use advanced technology to provide the best results over time. Some of the latest designs that we provide with our lift rumah are :

  • Traffic based analysis
  • Fast, reliable and efficient services
  • Electrical based analysis and requirement
  • Complete measurement of safety benefits

If you are still thinking whether you should join us or not. Then just stop worrying and give us a chance to earn your trust overtime.

Complete stop for lift solution

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At PT MAXIMA SYSTEM we use latest hydraulics and processor to maintain both speed and safety requirements. Thereby if you have any questions related to your purchase and delivery then just give us a call. After the contract is confirmed we will start the work within two days time limit. Further we all provide an approximate time limit within which the entire work will be completed. This way you will also be able to take future decisions in regards to the completion date. Once you purchase a lift rumah from us you will be provided with all the necessary documents related to it. These documents will also include the materials that have been used to complete the work. This way there will be a transparent bond of trust between us from the very beginning.

Book you favorite lift rumah now without any additional costs associated with it! One more thing we take payment only after completing our entire task. Thereby you won’t have to pay any kind of advance money when you are booking us.