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With first-class coding technology, high speed laser coding machines can leave deep imprints on the pipes or tubes without getting defocused. With this high-end feature, the automatic laser coding system proves to beneficial for tube manufacturers and is being widely used in the piping industry. The flying laser coding system and engraving machines are capable of producing pipes at a high-speed with noticeable markings on the pipes. This is can only be achieved with a high laser control system that intends to attain high-speed coding without requiring extra consumables or maintenance.

Significance of High Speed Laser Coding Machine in the Piping Industry

High speed laser coding machines provide a myriad of benefits to the tube or pipe manufacturers. Let’s dig deeper to understand the significance of high speed laser coding machines in the piping industry.

Prevents direct contact with materials

Laser coding machines help the manufacturers to engrave the necessary information pieces on the surface of the material easily without making direct contact with the material. This prevents damage on the pipes which may be possible when done manually.

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Provides protection against counterfeiting

The laser coding system enables the manufacturers to mark their brand name, date of manufacture, batch number, serial number, QR codes and other identification marks on the pipes. Marking and traceability help them to authenticate their product and combat the risks of counterfeiting and grey market channels. Moreover, consumers can easily identify the authenticity of your product and trust in your brand.

Saves the cost of extra consumables

Traditional pipe markings generally use ink-jetting which is highly polluting. Moreover, it consumes more ink and hence, the process becomes an expensive affair for the manufacturers. Inkjets come with an added cost of repairing wear and tear of the die, die replacement, and repetitive creation of new die for printing. Therefore, the use of high speed laser coding machines proves to be viable option for marking and coding. These machines save a significant amount of consumable funds and require less maintenance than inkjets. Additionally, they are easy to operate, controlled by software, and come with easy configuration. Moreover, the machines consume less energy and provide support for vendor training and multi-language marking.

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Ensures permanent marking

Products with extended lifespan require marks that do not fade with time. For permanent marking on the product, high speed laser coding machines are the best solutions. Engraving information on the materials with laser coding machines keeps the mark intact even after rough handling of goods or adverse environmental conditions.

Improved readability

High speed laser coding machines provide clean markings which ensure improved readability of the information. The precision of these machines enables clear marking of even the minute details.

Fast production

High speed laser coding machines feature fast printing technology which enables fast marking and production of the pipes or tubes. The maximum speed of laser machines can be from 5 to 7 m/s. Since these machines are easy to operate and controlled by software, they provide fast output with great precision and accuracy.

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Eliminates the need for additional treatments

Unlike conventional marking procedures, laser coding machines do not require any kind of pre or post-treatments, which ultimately saves time and money for manufacturers. Moreover, these machines eliminate the refilling or replacement of chemicals or other printing fluids for laser printing. Since they do not require any extra substance, laser engravings prove to be safer for marking or coding edible product packages.

Final Thoughts

High speed laser coding machines come with a plethora of benefits and opportunities for manufacturers. Besides the above-mentioned benefits, laser coding technology also opens gates for workers as this gives them a chance to upgrade their skills by learning about the technical know-how of the machines. The rising demand for laser engraved markings and coding on products has compelled manufacturers to use high speed laser coding machines and provide employment opportunities to more workers.