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Salesforce and QuickBooks are two effective cloud-based software programs. QuickBooks integration or QuickBooks ProAdvisor with salesforce reduces some time in manual facts migration and makes your accounting simpler and faster.

With the assist of Salesforce QuickBooks integration, your sales and client group can without problems run QuickBooks economic records.

This weblog will help you to recognize the methods of QuickBooks integration with Salesforce. Further, we have also mentioned some critical points that one must consider earlier than combining QuickBooks and Salesforce.

Factors to remind earlier than QuickBooks integration with Salesforce

Earlier than making use of the techniques for QuickBooks integration with Salesforce, go through the subsequent factors:

  • First off, replace your QuickBooks before attempting techniques for Salesforce and QB integration.
  • Decide the type of trigger that you want to move your document.
  • You have to pick both a machine that has a particular period updating or actual-time updating.
  • Finally, you have to determine the cause for integration and the way of integration.

Methods to integrate QuickBooks with salesforce

There are various strategies for QuickBooks integration with Salesforce. We have discussed all of them as observe:

Approach 1: The App way

1/3-celebration apps play an important position in QB integration with Salesforce. Similarly, the Appexchange of third-birthday celebration has a huge series of Apps for integration. Given below are the pleasant apps of Salesforce QuickBooks integration:

Salesforce integration

Salesforce integration is the cheapest app this is supplied via Intuit. Every person can afford it effortlessly. You want to pay $28 to $70 in line with the consumer in line with the month with a few extra expenses to purchase this app.

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DB sync QuickBooks integration

This app is extensively utilized by many customers for QuickBooks integration with Salesforce. It additionally consists of a custom mapping report. You want to pay $795 to $1495 yearly for this app.

Boomi surroundings

This third-birthday celebration app is a totally high-priced and powerful app for integration. In addition, a variety of integration tasks may be handled by the Boomi atmosphere. It will give advantages to the businesses which have several 0.33-party packages to sign up for with Salesforce. The fee for this app is $2000/$4000/$8000/$12000 in keeping with the month.

Approach 2: custom Integration (gotten smaller development)

The SDK (series of Protocol) has been launched by means of Intuit for integration. This technique is high-quality for folks who rely on Salesforce and QuickBooks.

Breadwinner for QuickBooks Online

You may also use Breadwinner for QuickBooks integration with Salesforce. You need to pay $39 to $three hundred in step with month for Breadwinner. The rate of Breadwinner relies upon your invoice extent functions. This method doesn’t paintings in QuickBooks laptop.


Paintings to

This method specializes in QuickBooks handiest. By way of the use of WorkAto, you can sync distinct SaaS (as much as one hundred) structures into Salesforce. You want to pay $99 for Salesforce experts and the fee for Salesforce business enterprise is $499 consistent with month.


We’ve mentioned all the feasible methods to combine QuickBooks with Salesforce in addition to the critical points that one needs to do not forget while integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce.However, we assume that the above blog provided you the specified facts concerning Salesforce QuickBooks Integration. In end, if you have any queries in your mind regarding the equal then, immediately speak to QuickBooks Desktop support.