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The Pharma industry has picked a surprisingly rapid pace to maintain the safety of patients with new drugs, to experiment with new drugs, tackle new diseases, mitigate the existing ones while complying with stringent regulations. The goal of Pharma companies is to continuously innovate and leave aside the legacy software and adopt new technologies. 

Pharma leaders and healthcare professionals have to manage patient records, maintain expiry dates, and not to mention the intense competition.  

Digitization is creating opportunities to Pharmacists

Some Pharmacists and healthcare professionals held onto the legacy software of operating a business. The benefits of automation and digitization can be felt in the healthcare industry. Those who were doubtful of embarking toward business automation have started realizing the benefits of bringing in SAP Business ByDesign. The software can help in forecasting the demands of drugs, analyzing sales, estimating costs and expenses, reducing the chances of delays and confusion, and so much more. The benefits of digitization would also mean-  

 Outreaching market for new drugs 

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It takes extensive research, patience, and relentless approach and cost to bring a new drug that can better the lives of patients. So, a lot of time and money is invested before a drug comes into the market. Pharma companies invest a lot of dedication to bring a particular drug with flying colors. When everything is digitized, healthcare professionals can act more smartly and collaborate better. They can perceive the greatest demand for the product and capture the high market for that business. So, market outreach for new drugs can be well executed if you have great software to work on.  

Mitigate all possibilities of errors 


Accuracy is one of the major problems faced by leading Pharmaceutical companies. The most trusted and valuable resources is also likely to make a mistake. In the Pharmaceutical world where health is greatly at stake, one cannot afford any scope for errors. A slight mistake can create a big problem for humanity. When you automate business processes, you can greatly mitigate the chances of errors with this cloud based ERP. 

Drive Informed Business Decisions

Making accurate and timely decisions is one of the necessities of the Pharma industry. Since health and life are directly associated, one cannot rely on guesswork and instincts. So, the accuracy of decisions is highly critical in this industry. SAP Business ByDesign facilitates users to make on-time decisions. 

There are myriad benefits that indicate why cloud based ERP such as ByDesign is becoming a necessity in the pharmaceutical industry. 

  • Effortlessly record clinical data of drugs, suppliers, patients, clinical data, prescription, health records etc.  
  • Streamline the complex yet important supply chain operations  
  • Provide an estimated cost of formula and packaging cost needed. This also includes labor, raw material cost and overhead cost.  
  • End to end traceability of raw materials to the final delivery of products 
  • Maintain bills of materials and ensure quality and compliance 
  • Generate drug labels, maintain electronic BMR, and ensure compliance 
  • Consolidate batch information, manage production, control costs and overheads
  • Manage expiry dates and speed the operational work   
  • Automate bin allocation and complex Batch Manufacturing Records (BMR)  

Business automation can be easily said as the next big thing in the Pharmaceutical industry. No wonder that a surprising number of Pharmaceutical companies are considering SAP Business ByDesign to win big.