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See a top brand car today and the same car months later, there would be something or the other improved or advanced in the same model. Because the automotive leaders constantly work on upgrades in the automotives. Something that is very much in trend and customers are going crazy over it today, would not mean anything to them months later. Hence, the automotive industry faces the constant pressure of bringing something or the other new market, better and improved than before.

The stress doesn’t end here, there’s a lot to worry about in the backend when it comes to automotive business.

  • Raw materials that keep on changing in the urge make more advanced, feature-rich and light-weight cars.
  • Spare parts processing methods
  • The management of various departments, suppliers and vendors
  • Cost Defining, finance and account management
  • Batch control and order traceability of the product, and more

Not all this stuff can be handled manually and could be accurate and efficiently done only via manual efforts. Extraordinary product processing requires extraordinary efforts. And what if I say, you can do more but with way too lesser efforts than the expected one. Yes, it is possible to do via Automotive ERP Software

Add Extra Speed and Efficiency to your Automotive Business

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Smart, robust and business intelligence rich automotive ERP software, SAP Business One can help you achieve a better position in the marketplace from just the ordinary one with its unique business automation and management planning.

SAP Business One is a well known ERP system in the industry and trusted by popular car brands too. Read more to know its features and realize what extra it can add to your business

Streamlined Workflow and Management with SAP Business One

Material Resource Planning: Leverage the advantage of keeping up to date with the ever changing stock and inventory situation in the warehouse, with improved planning and purchasing with Material Resource Planning (MRP feature of SAP Business One.

Batch Control and Traceability: Keep a close eye on each batch produced right from the raw material stage to the end-production formation from any location with this feature. 

Finance and Accounting: Manage your finances, sales, purchases and accounting stuff with greater accuracy, control and efficiency. The real-time data can also empower you to make strategic planning on expenses and savings.

Customer Management: Keep a tab on your loyal customers, schedule services with them on time and also find new opportunities with customer relationship management of the SAP Business One ERP Solution

Cost Management: Ever found it difficult to change the cost of manufactured spare parts or the raw materials over night due to certain government rules or emergency orders? With SAP Business One, this is just the matter of a few simple clicks. SAP Business One allows you to edit and redefine the pricing of the manufactured products overnight with greater ease and efficiency. Even the bar code for the same can be matter on the go with the ERP system.

Not just all this, SAP Business One can do a lot to take your automotive business to the next level. Just chose your licensing type and subscription model and SAP Business One price, and the ERP is all set at your service.