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Are you a small business or a startup with limited resources and think there’s no enterprise ready software available for you to own? Think again! If you know about the SAP products, you must also be aware of the fact that almost 90% of SAP customers are small to mid-sized business owners. That means the SAP products like SAP Business One are affordable enough for even small businesses to purchase and experience the simplicity in the work processes with well managed and automated business. 

To delight the startups and small business owners even more, we have come with a power packed package with the goodness of all the benefits that you get from high-rated and feature-rich software. SAP Business One starter Package, especially created considering the needs and demands of the small businesses has got everything to run all the essential business applications smoothly. 

If you too are a start-up business thinking to take it to the next-level digitally, continue reading and find yourself a guide to achieve the same.

What is SAP Business One Starter Package?

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SAP Business One Starter Package is a complete solution for business management for small businesses. Compatible both the ways, on-cloud and on-premise, it helps leaders to automate and manage the entire business with improved efficiency and reliability. Its bird’s eye view feature helps them gain the full visibility of the entire business and all the processes on the go in just a few simple clicks. 

The Starter Package to address all your Business Issues

SAP Business One starter package has got the most useful and efficient modules to meet the daily challenges of the small business owners. The functional scope of the applications encourages the leaders to meet their objectives and scale their business to greater levels. 

  1. Finance and Accounting: Maintain all your orders, financial records, payment transfers, bills, tax filing etc. with ease and efficiency with SAP Business One finance and accounting records. It helps you gain accuracy with numbers while maintaining the banking and accounting records.
  2. Sales and Customer Relationship: Never miss out on getting new opportunities with SAP business one starter package. It keeps you well updated with each order and customer with the complete lifecycle of him placing the order to the final dispatch and delivery of the product and services. Its CRM feature helps you keep updated with the scheduled meetings with the new clients and proving the due services to the existing customers.
  3. Purchasing and Supplier Relationship: Built a systematic approach to purchasing the inventory for manufacturing the items or preparing for the services. SAP Business One starter pack solution includes all the necessary features required to maintain the complete record of all the suppliers and vendors involved in the process.

Apart from these, the mobile responsiveness of the solution enables you to gain the full visibility across the entire business on the fly. Also, it helps you focus on the performance of your employees with its human resource management and the in-built reporting tool helps you analyze the performance of the business to make critical decisions.