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In a small area such as a bathroom, each and every little detail matters. Especially because when people enter your bathroom, they notice every nook & cranny there; The lack of natural lighting and space is a challenge when you want the place to look cozy but brighter at the same time without digging a hole in your pocket

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Bathroom remodeling for a small space takes almost as much time as redesigning a larger space. But the small bathroom ideas mentioned below help to redesign in such a way that the tiny space looks bold, chic, and aesthetic. These ways will help you turn those half baths and tiny windows look less cramped and will make your tiny bath your new favorite room!

Opt for a glass shower door

Having an opaque shower door will make it look a little cramped but using a transparent door, will make space look bigger. Since it allows natural light to penetrate through the door, it will make the bathroom seem brighter as well. Since sunlight can easily pass through this door it will even lead to fewer electricity costs.

Rethink the sink

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Since it is a compact space, you don’t want to add a huge sink that will cover most of the space and will make the place feel claustrophobic. You want your sink to be compact with unexpected finishes while looking aesthetically pleasing as well. Adding a corner sink or a minimal one with a pedestal might work as per a suggestion by bathroom remodeling Montgomery County MD based companies.  

Choose compact pieces

Huge bathtubs and other bulky accessories will make your bathroom feel small. To avoid that, go for compact toilets and sinks, prefer showers over tubs. Well, if you really want to install a tub, opt for a Japanese soaking tub that looks serene and doesn’t take up much space. 

Clever storage

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Since you do not have a lot of space, add convenient storage for your toiletries, towels, etc. You can add a wooden counter under your sink— a small storage space built in the wall to store your towels, using ladder racks or tube racks to store stuff also helps in making space look bigger. Many bathroom remodeling Montgomery county MD based companies have listed such ideas on their sites.

Striking wallpapers

The best way to disguise a small space to make it look big is to add a contrasting wallpaper. If you have a tub in your bathroom, opt for a wallpaper that is specially made for damp conditions. Wallpapers, other than adding an aesthetic to your room also make it look bigger and more luxurious.

The trick of the Tiles

Choose the same color of tiles for your walls and floor. Since what you look at and what your eyes actually perceive are not the same, playing with tiles of the same color makes it hard to distinguish between two separate spaces. Speak to your bathroom remodeling Montgomery County MD service provider for suggestions. The best kind of tile for this purpose would be marble as they blend in easily and create the effect of a larger area.


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Bathrooms are a space where a person goes to relax and recharge and to make this place aesthetically pleasing is very important. We don’t only cleanse physically here, we cleanse spiritually as well. Hence, bathroom remodeling according to the user is very important for the person to feel calm and serene here.

Bathrooms have always been a status symbol and even if the area is small, having a pretty place to rejuvenate can easily cheer someone up!