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Election Commission of India (ECI) has launched cVIGIL mobile application that will “empower” citizens to report any violation of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.


cVIGIL, stands for Vigilant Citizen, and is available as a free app for all Android users in India.

Know About ECI’s cVIGIL app :-

cVIGIL app allows you to report any violation of the Model Code of Conduct by simply taking a photo or video.

This means you can immediately report on incidents of misconduct without having to rush to authorities to lodge a complaint.

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The app also helps you log in anonymously and track your complaint ID which will be acknowledged by ECI within 100 minutes RogueKiller

How to use cVIGIL app?

To get started, you can either login anonymously or via your mobile number. But, if you file a complaint as an anonymous user, you will not get status updates 2019 Most Popular Apps TikTok musically.

Once logged in, you can click a photo or record a video (of upto 2 minutes) and submit it as digital proof along with automated location mapping by the Geographic Information System.

How to track your complaint?

After the successful submission of the complaint, you will receive a unique ID to track and receive updates on your mobile. Notably, you can report multiple incidents and for each complaint, you will get a unique tracking ID.


However, the app is not working!

Till the time of this presser, we tested the app on several occasions but failed to click photos or record videos……….Read More>>