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Instagram has alluring photos and videos and therefore, it is no wonder why people love it so much. It is all about attention-grabbing visuals taking branding to the next level. You like and comment on other Instagram photos and videos. Then, instead of appreciating what others are doing, why not improve your business’s Instagram page design and layout for a change?

The photo-sharing app has evolved over the years with filters and Instagram stories. And it is changing for the better. According to an article published on, you must create a worthy Instagram profile page to build a huge fan following. Therefore, here are some top tips to design your Instagram page layout like a professional:

Avoid posting an image just after you click it

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Do not post a photo the moment you take it. That is because you may miss on some essential details in the image to explain the context in a better way. There may be a caption poorly written or a copy that you can replace with relevant emojis later.

When you want your fans and potential clients to feel the moment through photos and visuals, avoid writing captions or copy when you have little time to write effective copy or edit the texts.

Design your Instagram page creatively so that the layout looks innovative and thought-provoking.

Avoid hiding behind your portfolio

When your business has an Instagram profile, do not hide behind your design work or portfolio. Such a strategy will do you no good if you want to grow an online community, fan following, audience base, and new connections. Potential clients may like your design but they would like to know you more like a professional as well as an individual.

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Therefore, create posts that tell users about your design skills, your passion for the same, how you brainstorm when you design a web page, and other details like your hometown, hobbies, and interests. This way, you will motivate your targeted audience to click on the Follow button and increase Instagram followers.

Design a suitable theme

Did you know that most of the popular Instagram page design comes with a relevant theme? You can choose a theme depending on your business and things that interest you the most. For instance, if you have a restaurant website and have a penchant for tossing up delicious dishes, you can include high-definition photos of global cuisine that look appetizing and eye-catching. Pick a relevant food-based theme that matches with the photos that would benefit your business as well as lure potential customers.

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Take photos from a particular angle, apply the required filters, and take your brand to the next level through effective Instagram page design.

Use videos too

Now, you can integrate Instagram videos more up to 60 seconds duration. Then, if you want to use a long video related to your brand, ensure that it has enough content that piques audience interest. Use the correct format and style to drive more video engagement than ever.


Now that you have these tips ready, implement them in your Instagram page design and layout. You will drive engagement.