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With the start of twentieth century and industrial revolution, when production started growing, it was observed that there should be new world order and markets for this industries that were developed and were being developed. And as well said that need is mother of inventions, we see that TV was invented and arsenal development was came to rise and regional and continental anarchy was created and fueled to established and to creates market for their arsenal production by the world powers of that time. And then we see two system came before us one is “socialism or communism” and other is “capitalism”.

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I am not going in debate which is better and which is worst or both are good or both are bad. I am not that pragmatist or ideologue to decide which is best. But being a history student I can discuss geopolitical and socioeconomic changes that occur at that time. But here I will discuss one good thing that came out of that devastation and ill-will of contemporary powers of that particular time. And that good thing is free market or public-private production that create competition and give boost to production and employment so. I think, this competition gave ultimate benefits to final consumer who can avail products and services at cheaper rate due to that competition. Therefore, we have internet and different internet service providers now.
Let’s see what these providers provide.

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High Speed Internet:

Industrial revolution then technological revolution and then fortunately internet, the world’s rivalry have gave many good things too. High speed internet is today’s competition between companies or internet providers. Each of them try to provide high speed internet at lower price but as always there is one who take this game of customer in his favor. Again ultimately benefit goes to customers.

Secure Browsing And Digital Security:

Rivalry give rise to security measure as well. And as everyone know, cyber security is today phenomenon. Security of browsing is imperative at both individual and organizational level, because negligence of security can ruin you and your business as well. Therefore, my internet service providers regards its customer security on its utmost priority. And made me stress free regarding digital security.

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Affordable Charges:

As a consumer our concern remain with reliability, quality and specifically with low prices. As an internet users our concern remain with high speed internet with no data caps, digital security and low prices, and you know what my provider, IRG Digital provide it all.