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With time the concept of streaming movies has increased because of streaming wars which have costed many users. Major streaming platforms such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney, and many others are on a spree to increase their subscription charges. Users look for freemiums instead of premium streaming services that create a big hassle for paid streaming services as Netflix.

This is because the free streaming services pick content from paid streaming services and host it on their websites for free. Majority of the free streaming services are involved in pirated content that alarms Internet Service Provider (ISPs).

Today, we will be providing the best streaming services present, so you don’t have to look for shady services. But, before you go on these websites and start streaming, it is suggested to use a premium online privacy tool like vpn with fast speed so that you do not show on ISPs radar. Otherwise, we do not take any responsibility for your online security.

Let’s unravel these prime free streaming services:


Sony Crackle has been around since over a decade (2004), and this would come as a surprise for you that Crackle was released three years prior to Netflix started. The company may not have gathered enough fans to support and stream on the fast streaming service, but it hosts a great list of classics and vintage TV.

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If you’ve been a Crackle fan, then you would have binged the entire list of News Radio and the whole season of the famous Family and Bewitched. It is not standard for a free streaming service to provide original shows such as “the Oath.” The streaming service offers a big list of 90s movies such as Starship Troopers and Starship troopers that were a huge hit. The website updates their channel daily and uploads good quality streams making it the best free streaming option.

Roku Channel

Roku channel is not a free streaming service anymore, but it is host to all the free content that is available on the web. However, don’t be surprised if you find multiple movies of the same name available on the service because the service uploads different quality preferences. Scrolling on the site, you will find numerous big names such as Sony, MGM, Lionsgate and Warner Bros that is available for free.

Unlike other free streaming sites, Roku has a vast selection of movies that are classic and rare to find anywhere else inclusive of subtitles. You can choose the quality of the movie and enjoy however you like. The channel was once not available to the reduced fan base, but with multiple devices having a configuration to Roku, it got much easier to stream the service.

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Just as Crackle, PopcornFlix is a dome full of movies where you’ll get lost looking at the number of movies they have on the site. But the only drawback is it’s filled with ads from which they earn revenue. The pop-up ads can be a hassle, but the streaming quality is amazing.

They offer a wide range of movies in a mixed selection where you will find all genres whether its ‘There Will Be Blood’ and ‘Present Danger to Murder on the Orient Express.’ These are not it, they offer flicks as well in different categories ranking on the base of IMDB rating, new arrivals, popularity, genre, and best picks.

With a nostalgic lineup and easy to maneuver interface, PopcornFlix is a great addition to your streaming needs, which is free and completely legal.


It’s a common practice that all the free streaming channels provide all the movies and TV shows from one source, but Stremio is among the streaming services that provide movies using different sources. The platform is a torrent client, an aggregator, and a streaming service as well giving you the best of three.

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If you are a movie buff, then Stremio is the right pick for you with its movie rich store. The search feature is of a similar channel, “JustWatch.” It hosts multiple addons for Netflix and YouTube, allowing you to sync all your favorite on-demand video.


Well, we have come down to the most prominent name in the streaming platforms that ranks as the best free movie streaming site Google has presented. YouTube caters to millions of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more. If you have failed to find your favorite movie on other sites, then YouTube is the last resort that will not disappoint you. YouTube hosts tons of free movies that come from public domain channels such as the Public Domain Cinema and Public Domain Films.

YouTube has a brilliant mix of classics and gems from Scifi movies and multiple other 90s favorites. YouTube is known to be the hub for films and particularly videos of all genres. Users have to wait till the time a good print is uploaded on YouTube, but the wait is worth the watch. Since the giant Google owns the service, we can assume it does not violate any copyright issues.