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Facebook faces a torrent of scandals that simply will not flee. currently, business executive Mark Zuckerberg has another item to fret about: His social network is not growing as quicks obviously.

Since the start of the year, Facebook has worn a huge knowledge privacy scandal and therefore the company has been vilified for permitting faux news to stay in its news feed feature. and Want to assist throughout making Facebook ads currently then contact through  Facebook support number.

1. Don’t forget the weekends

Just because we have the weekends off doesn’t mean our fans aren’t on Facebook. Using Facebook’s handy programming feature you’ll post a small amount of content on the weekends. It’s all about maintaining consistency.

2. Experiment with humor

Humour can be a powerful tool if used in the right way. Humour creates engagement because it’s so universal. Any type of funny GIF, meme, or an emotional connection between the poster also the reader. Experiment by adding a bit of humor to your update and see if it resonates with your fans.

3. Tag other accounts

When it comes to partnerships or simple admiration remember to tag the accounts you’re referring to. It creates a symbiotic relationship. It sends traffic to the other account and develops your relationship. If you’re trying to build a partnership or get someone to notice your business, tag them so that they get a heads up.

4. Use hashtags

Include your business within the well-liked spoken language of the day by connection in on the hashtags. Hashtags include and categorize your updates in the larger global conversation. Remember to keep your hashtags specific to your industry or else your updates will get lost in the fold.

5. Test content with ads

A business that has yet to get a foothold on it’s the most popular type of content can test things out with advertisements. With a couple of greenbacks, run a few blog posts ranging in subjects with Facebook ads. See which performs/converts best and continue on in that direction. Because Facebook targets based on interests, you’ll be able to see what content does best with your target audience.

6. Poll with Facebook reactions

The new Facebook reactions are a fun way to poll your audience regarding a certain subject. Figure out what the favored opinion is by making a Facebook reaction poll. Your fans can vote according to the reactions you’ve assigned to each answer.

7. Respond to comments ASAP

For quite some time now Facebook has been a go-to place for customer feedback and support. Respond as quickly as you can to comments and reviews on your Facebook page. By doing so your page will get marked with a “replies quickly” marker so that visitors know that you are active. Thus will be more likely to engage with you.

8. Share from Instagram

Have a stellar Instagram account? Connect it with your Facebook account and share photos from Instagram to your Facebook feed. This way your Facebook fans can follow you on Instagram and vice versa.

9. Create a Facebook group

Birds of a feather flock together. If you’ve managed to find and gather like-minded individuals on Facebook consider creating a Facebook group where you can have in-depth discussions. Having a popular Facebook group can lead to more reach in the direction of your target audience.

10. Test optimal post length

You’ll see varying opinions on Facebook post length so it’s always best to test what works best for you. Generally, a short Facebook post performs better because people don’t have the attention spans to read a long post BUT there are exceptions. Test, test, test.

  1. Use the correct image dimensions

A blurry, out of focus image is an unforgivable sin these days. Post your visuals to Facebook in the best resolution possible for your fans. A quick Google search will pull up the most recent optimal image resolutions.

12. Use a social media management tool

If you’re looking to take your social media efforts to the next level, you should consider using a social media management tool. A social media management tool saves you time and headache by organizing everything into one platform for you to diagnose problems, schedule updates, and listen to what your fans are saying.

13.Success stories

As a part of your self-promotion strategy blow their own horns your past consumer successes. A charming story of their rise to success will result in a lot of shoppers and a lot of interest in what you’ve got to supply.

14. Offer Facebook exclusive promotions

Make your Facebook fans feel special. Give your audience a reason to follow you on Facebook by giving Facebook exclusive deals and promotions. “Offer only valid for Facebook followers.”

15. Go behind the scenes

Much of marketing is building a relationship between the brand and the consumer. Social media offers the perfect opportunity to give your fans an inside look at the inner workings of your business. Show them what they are shopping for into and what your business is all regarding. Behind the scenes, access makes fans feel special and is a powerful tool for strengthening relationships.

16. Encourage reviews

Just like the other review platform, encourage your fans to go away honest reviews regarding their expertise. Positive or negative, it provides feedback for you for improvement. Plus, positive reviews are social proof for those on the fence regarding giving your business a strive.

17. Use BuzzSumo to find highly shared content

Wouldn’t it be great to know what content performs best with a certain audience? Wouldn’t it be great to know what has done well so that you could build on it for your audience?

BuzzSumo gives you exactly that. With BuzzSumo you’ll kind in an exceedingly specific keyword and find an inventory of the foremost shared content associated with that keyword.

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