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Electricity has become quite a depending power source for everyone and so it has increased the production of electrical appliances which have quite profoundly made our lives easier. But as we cannot deny the importance of electricity and electrical appliances in our daily life, we surely cannot ignore the precautions which accompany them.

Electrical appliances have become a necessity for us, every minute of our daily life we are using the said appliances, such is our dependency on them. For that very reason, we must be very careful with how we utilize them as any carelessness can result in a very dangerous situation.

Damaged appliances or appliances with faulty and worn out wiring are always dangerous for anyone. If not dealt with or identified they can put anyone utilizing them at great risk of being electrocuted or it can combust and burn down the place it is kept in. Also, prolonged use of any appliances can damage the wiring to the point of hurting anyone using them.

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How can you check your appliances?

It is important for you as a consumer to keep your appliances in check, whether you have just bought them or the appliances have been in use for a long time. For that, you need to get them checked from a professional test and tag service in order to avoid any danger.  You can also check the wiring and find any fault by just examining them but it is a better practice to get them checked by electrical test and tag so there are no doubts and no internal damage goes missing.

Who can check the electrical appliances?

Electrical test and tag is not something anyone can do, you must get a competent person or a professional who can conduct the test carefully with complete precautions. Make sure the person you are hiring is from a certified agency, an agency who provide complete guidelines to their employees and provide insurance to their workers in case of any damages.

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A professional and trustworthy agency will not only provide you with good service but also keep you updated regularly as to when do you need to get your appliances tested again.

What would a technician check in electrical appliances?

Most people do ask what a technician would check when testing an appliance and for that reason we are going to list a few important things a technician would check.

  • A technician would first always check for any frayed wires and cords, that if any wire or cord is damaged or worn out from edges.
  • Then he would check the fuses or safety switches which don’t trip at times of emergency and if they would require any fixing or replace
  • Major or minor damages faults in the wiring which could lead to damaging of the appliances
  • Any damage caused to the appliance after getting exposed to moisture or water.
  • If the appliance is leaking any current and has become dangerous to go near to.
  • Earthing system faults where earthing rods are checked
  • Insulation resistance is checked
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These are some of the important factors which must be checked and a technician would carefully examine everything


You must understand by now the importance of electrical test and tag. It is necessary for you to get your appliances examined to save you from any trouble in the present and future.