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The goals of law firm internet marketing will remain the same in 2019. Attorneys will try getting in front of relevant audiences, acquiring new clients, and engage them to create a large referral network. They will also strive to create positive sentiment around their brand and boost its awareness. While the objectives remain and a few tools for achieving those goals like a custom law firm website design remain the same, the approach needs to be different. The digital is constantly shifting and changing forcing marketers to recalibrate their strategies. Technological innovations like voice search and changes made by Google are some of the top reasons which necessitate a modification in the marketing approach. In this article, we are discussing a few valuable suggestions which will help attorneys effectively promote their business this year.

1. Target Featured Snippets In Search Results

Google users would have noticed featured snippets on top of search results which provide a brief answer to their query. These snippets are an effort by the search engine giant to help its users get quick answers. The presence of these featured bits has pushed the organic results lower down the page. People looking for a quick answer read the snippet and then move away from the page. However, these excerpts provide lawyers with a golden opportunity to get in front of relevant audiences and impress them. Research your target audience to know what they are searching for. Create content around these queries and make sure to include the keywords in the write-ups. Google chooses a brief but accurate description as the snippet on a SERP. This will help in appearing on top of the page and impress people who would be encouraged to visit the website.

2. Strike A Balance Between Paid And Organic Search

Lawyers must search for their practice area on Google to see how the results are presented to visitors. For instance, type “personal injury lawyer” and see how the results are displayed. At the top, there will be about 3 to 4 adverts followed by the 3-pack of most relevant local business listings. The organic results will be displayed only after all these links. Firms must maximize their chances of appearing prominently on the search pages by striking a balance between paid and organic search. SEO techniques will be helpful in improving their positions in organic results. At the same time, they must invest in PPC advertising and get themselves listed in legal directories. This kind of balanced approach will help them in improving their online visibility significantly.

3. Optimize The Website For Local Search

Local search engine optimization was a key law firm internet marketing last year and will remain so in 2019. In the above point, we discussed the layout of a results page and mentioned that the 3-pack local listings appear over organic results. A rise in local search queries has been seen with the increase in mobile device usage. People with handheld gadgets look for things on the go and are ideal for conversions. Lawyers must optimize their firms’ website for local SEO. They must create separate pages for all the practice areas. The meta descriptions and titles of all pages must include the related practice area and the location. All law firms must have a page on Google My Business and the name, address, and phone number must be consistent on all digital platforms.

4. Become Topical Authority In A Single Practice Area At First

This may sound like a generic piece of advice but is in fact very important. Many legal firm owners try to promote all their practice areas at once which can be detrimental to the objective of high online visibility. Let’s say you run a family law firm which also has advisers for litigation, employment law, and personal injury. In case, you try to promote all sections at once, the audience will be confused as to where does your real expertise lie. Owners use this approach in the hope of widening their net to angle in more clients. However, focusing on a single area at first and trying to become a topical authority in that subject will be more beneficial. Identify the topic you want to focus on and then recognize your target audience and its location. Create all your content keeping the requirements of this audience in mind and in due course of time you will be recognized as a knowledgeable authority on the topic in that location.

5. Include Video In Your Marketing Strategy

The consumption of video content continues to grow rapidly and neglecting this trend will be harmful to lawyers. Visual-based content must be an integral part of the promotional campaign of legal firms. Video clips can help you humanize the brand for your audience. It can help project a likable image of the attorney to the potential clients. As part of your content marketing efforts, you are already creating blogs and you can create small clips which provide value to the people. Lawyers can shoot videos where they explain a complex legal process or offer pieces of advice. They can make the clips even more interesting by including graphics and images. Just like text-based material, video content can also be posted on multiple channels. They can be published on your firm’s website, social profile pages, and on video-sharing platforms. Videos are a good tool to boost brand awareness and project a trustworthy image of the agency.


Law firm internet marketing strategies must be modified according to changing realities in order to generate positive results. Attorneys who do not have enough time must engage a law firm marketing agency to devise and execute an effective plan.