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Be it an adult or a kid, playing board games can be really fun. Board games are a preferred source of entertainment as they come in handy to brighten several occasions like parties and get-togethers, and there are numerous board games for adults that cater to the varied taste and occasions. To get a respite from your busy schedule, playing board games with a few couples or a group is a surefire way to get enlightened as well as spend an evening in a heartwarming way.

In a way, as an adult, you travel down memory lanes and revisit the past by opting to play board games and win or lose, board games provide the much-needed change from the fast-paced and the hectic life that has become part and parcel of daily life.

Board games encompass various game genres, and the idyllic board game depends upon the number of players involved in the board game. If you are looking out for the best top selling board games, the list of top 10 board games ideas mentioned here is considered to be some of the best board games for adults.


#1. Settlers of Catalan

Settlers of Catalan happen to be one of the top 10 board games every adult should play as the game design is just classical enough to The PUBG Pc Download lure enthusiasts. This board game comes with a random board layout, which in turn makes sure that every game played is different, and you also can strike a fine balance between luck and skill.

As one of the best board games for adults, the game tests your resourcing skills in organizing to build cities and settlements. The Settlers of Catalan is a real phenomenon in the board games arena, and the adults who are crazy about board games realize that the board games aren’t only for the kids as when they take up this board game to play.


#2. Scrabble

Scrabble is another of the top-selling board games as it can be played by 2 or 4 players. Scrabble as a board game excites the word lovers who get lost in this game, and apart from testing your word power it is really fun to play a game or two of scrabble, and the key challenge that the game throws lies in the acceptance of words framed from a jumbled set pertaining to letters. As a board game that happens to be a favorite of the bibliophiles, Scrabble is a wonderful board game to have fun as well as to enhance your word power.

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#3. Pictionary

A classic board game that every adult should play is the Pictionary, as the board game brings your art skills to the fore, where you’ll have to draw the person, action or place that gets provided on the game card, and your team will have to come out with the right guess before the stipulated time.

Pictionary provides a whole lot of fun if this board game is played by diverse groups, as the board game challenges your artistic fervor too. Pictionary is an idyllic board game that enhances your imaginative skills and is a fitting board game for adults to get immersed in their imaginations.


#4. Monopoly

Monopoly is a board game that occupies the top pedestal as when it comes to board games and is also one of the top 10 board games ideas. If you have been planning to raise a big estate, Monopoly offers the chance to sharpen your skills as you can build a real estate empire through this wonderful board game.

Monopoly has become a popular board game among the adults and is a board game that has been designed with the market monopoly as the concept. Monopoly can be played by 2-6 players and the board game provides opportunities to strengthen your resource management and negotiation skills. Monopoly, owing to the immense popularity that it enjoys amid the board game enthusiasts, has been recognized by the Games Magazine, and it has got inducted into the Hall of Fame pertaining to this magazine.


#5. Clue

You now must have caught on to the clue pertaining to this board game, and you are absolutely right in gauging this board game to be that of a mystery game. The clue is one of the interesting top selling board games, and Clue adds a cloak and dagger tinge to the play.

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If you detect the murder mystery by visiting the rooms on that of the board as well by questioning the other players, you become the winner of the Clue board game. The clue is also a simple board game that brings the detective in you to meet the challenges as while you play this board game.


#6. Chess

The oldest game has remained to be a favorite board game with many adults, as this game of Kings is all about the strategies devised to capture your opponent’s king. Chess is a classical masterpiece board game, and it certainly brings about great improvement in your concentration and focus.

Chess is also a board game that helps in the process of mental training and by playing Chess, you are sure to develop your thinking that starts assuming new forms. As one of the best board games for adults, it offers various benefits apart from the entertainment values that this board game carries.


#7. Checkers

Checkers, also known as Draughts is a masterpiece board game, and you are sure to develop your strategic planning abilities by playing this board game. Winning in Checkers is all about capturing the opponent’s pieces, as you’ll have to jump over the pieces to register a victory in the board game.

Your strategic plan should work to bring the best result which is to catch all the checkers belonging to your enemy, or your enemy shouldn’t be in a position to make a move. Checkers is a board game that not only brings fun but also provides a fair amount of mental exercise as it also stimulates your brain as while you get indulged in this board game.


#8. Balderdash

This classic bluffing board game is best enjoyed when four or more adults take part in this board game. Balderdash in no-nonsense one of the top 10 board games ideas and the game also involves hilarious moments as when the players participating in the game make an attempt to guess the facts that remain true as also about the ones that turn out to be fictitious.

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Balderdash is a board game that rewards your creativity and knowledge, and it also happens to be a good party game, where friends gather to have fun. You’ll have to tune your sense of humor to play this board game, and you also get to know about the definitions related to words if you are going to pay attention.


#9. Sequence

This board-and-card game is a masterpiece board game for adults, and it takes 2-3 adults or even 2-3 teams to play sequence, and the objective of this board game is all about creating sequences to register a victory in the board game.

A team to win the board game of sequence will have to complete the first sequence before the opponents do, and this challenging board game for adults also enhances the strategic planning skills of the adults, as the mixture of strategy and skill entwined with the smile of Lady Luck on you helps you register victories in this board game.


#10. Battle of Sexes

Battle of Sexes is an interesting board game that captures the attention of the adults, and the board game accommodates 2-8 players, as even two teams can compete in the board game of Battle of Sexes. This is a masterpiece board game and it is quite different from the other board games, as the rowdier group walks away with a victory in this board game. The Battle of Sexes aims to test your knowledge that you possess on the opposite sex, which is made possible through the gender-based trivia questions. Wild cards are there to make the battle tougher.

If any of the board games that you think should be added to this list, please let us know about your choice and provide your comments too!