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If you are the Game freak who is always updated to new TRENDS of Gaming, you have all sorts of information regarding latest news and what are the record break gaming videos in early this year.  Then, what are you waiting for let’s get started with Game blogging. But wait!!

Let’s make your hobby a passion

Stating a blog is not just buying domain, hosting your website and publishing it online. And waiting for the audience reach to get injected by the time you search your blog it already goes to the top pages of Google. It probably looks like a dream come true right!

However, this is not done within a day or second. Everything takes time being on the top of Google searches is not just the priority of a blogger. Delivering the spicy content with a splash of information on the top and some details what matters the most, as readers love details.

Tip to get the gamer on the blog

Many will step by step claim to give a perfect setting of how to construct a blog post. But this is the easiest way to aware friends about how to start with it. However, to form a proper platform where your reach would be high, reader would love your blogs and even comment on it for feedback. This will be done here.

Further you will get 5 possible tips to create a blog that surely reach out dozen of reader to your website.

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But First let’s see the,

 Five basic steps to form a Blogging platform

Step1: choose your domain name and host

Step2: come across with WordPress for blogging

Step3: select and create a theme for the blog

Step4: choose the finest plugins that suit with your theme

Step5: content that matters

Step1: Choose your domain name and host

If you want to be a blogger, first thing first brainstorm your Domain name from which your site would be recognised. Remember selecting your domain name is as unique as you developing a game. So, being creative would make other game lover be more attracted towards you, how about this If you have done with your domain procedures then next comes the buying processes which is hosting. If you are searching for domain free hosting why not try BlueHost.

 Step2: Come across with WordPress for blogging

You have login with your bluehost account, and then install the wordPress website for free and simple one-click process. Create a non-technical website with wordpress and start your blog.

Step3: Select and create a theme for the blog

Selecting a theme for your website is crucial and most important step as readers rely on this part a lot. You can choose something like what is most famous by Game lovers. It’s your choice choose a theme that set with your budget or would go free it’s up to you. The best thesis writing service gives training to their bloggers about how to create blogging sites with WordPress.

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Step4: choose the finest plugins that suit with your theme

A plugin means software that has the ability to add functions to your website. It can add new features to you web page. So choose plugins what suit your theme or according to the concept of the page.

Step5: content that matters

Finally, start with some smashing content that blows the minds of the Gamers.

Tips to make your Gaming blog stand out from competitors

Know your audience first

Before starting your blog and find a topic that suits your convince first search for your audience. Your readers are the one that matters the most. The Game Lovers need to see everything related to Games it must be unique, not outdated and most trending. You need to deliver your opinions, clear detailed information and that conveys the thoughts of the writers. Follow the method to increase searches.

Inject visuals and Gaming podcast into your blog

Whether it is a promotional blog or Game blog you need to have a format or a pattern in which you add interesting content, design imagines and Maps. This would make your readers captivated and indulge in your blog. Games today are made of graphics, 3D info graphics, visuals and photorealistic images. With that been said, show your reader those graphics so that people would get their understanding.

Highly updated blogs leads to engagement

Stay updated is the key goals of a blogger, especially in the context of Gaming. Each day, each year and each week new trends shifted towards something different. What is marking its way to the top, the other day is nowhere to be found. Adding new topics like in 2018 the walking dead the final series was very famous. Okay remember you cannot cover all the topics around you. Just choose something specific. Try selecting a topic and focus on it completely.

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Be creative to captivate audience

Be unique and different makes you stand out with other competitors. Just keep it simple doesn’t just pull out content and throw it to your blog. Stay focus or keep your vision clear this will make your audience turn on you again and again.

By doing all this immediate response is at your door steps. According to the professional copywriting service, they have design blog post that has topics related to top trending Games.

Create your own video content

This is the best choice according to the marketers view point. Making video content has already breaking records as most of the leads come from it. Video Gamer need to see how to play a Game by this why not cater such audience. Game play walk through are the one that many Gamers are finding as they get stuck with whatever Game it is. The walk through Game will solve their problems within a second.

The tip is to play the Game, write a detailed content on how it works add some reviews and experiences in your blogs and you are done.