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Companies need a strategy as they think about modernizing their B2B integration capabilities. This ebook describes what to look for and how IBM can help.

You will specifically learn about:

  • Operating a single, secure B2B integration gateway.
  • Simplified onboarding and partner management.
  • High availability business operations and disaster recovery.
  • Adaptable capabilities to help react to changes to your business processes.
  • Visibility and analytics that provide actionable insight over those processes.
  • Supporting a mix of hybrid deployment models including on-premises and cloud.

Read more:

The 6 Essential Elements of a Modern B2B Integration Architecture
  • Essential #1: A single, scalable, and secure B2B integration gateway. …
  • Essential #2: Simplified onboarding and partner management. …
  • Essential #3: High availability. …
  • Essential #4: Adaptable capabilities. …
  • Essential #5: Visibility and analytics. …
  • Essential #6: Hybrid deployment models.
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