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Info2Times The SEO experts and online businesses that are not new in the online world are not unaware of the algorithm updates that Google announce almost every year. And, the one which took place in June 2019 was not an exception either in that regard. But what caught everyone off guard was the unusual warning that made its way with this update and then the wave of an impact it created across all the platforms. So, the core update was not a surprise for the people as one of the algorithm changes had already happened in March. What baffled everyone was the uncustomary pronouncement from the search engine giant so that there is no confusion among people.

Anyway, the main point is you should have a complete idea of the search engine ranking requirements after the latest updates. It will enable you to optimize your online business better and at the same time, practice careful strategies to avoid the negative influence of the algorithm changes that occur from time-to-time. However, before that, have a look at what this recent update means for the businesses. 


You can say that the latest update has signaled an end of the monopoly of domains. In simple terms, the search engine behemoth will pull relevant results from different websites. You can expect a maximum of two results from one single site to find their place in the top rankings. This change mayput those companies, which used to benefit from the paid search campaigns, on the back foot. However, it’s not a strict guideline. Google can exhibit more results from one domain based on its relevance against the query.

One thing that you can note in this context is that it will not impact your overall search engine performance. Only a few pages may have to take a hit.

Clean up

When Panda and Penguin updates happened, people had more clarity about what must have gone wrong and what not. For example, Panda had a significant impact on websites that published poor quality content and Penguin, bad linking practices. However, the recent roll-out does not target one particular area or the other. It instead has a broader and general focus where a couple of factors are involved in the rankings of the websites.  These include content, search intent, speed, user-friendliness, authenticity, etc.

From these two instances, one thing is evident that you cannot be territorial about your SEO strategies. The optimization has to happen at a grand level covering all the areas to escape vulnerability and downfall. So, let’s look at the areas that you need to attend.

The SEO strategies for website performance improvement

Assess the kind of influence your page or content can have on users

In the recent past, Google shifted its attention to your money or your life factor, which is famous as YMYL in the SEO dialect. What this suggests is that if your business can potentially create an effect on its visitors in terms of their finances, health, safety, and so on, then you have to make sure that all the pages and content on your property are up-to-date, correct, and authentic. These cannot afford to be misleading. Otherwise, the reputation of your brand can get affected big about  Digital Marketing Agency in India

Improve the overall quality factor of your business

Whether you run a YMYL type of business or not, you have to gain trustworthiness, expertise, and authority in the industry to sustain and grow your rankings. That means you have to satisfy the E-A-T standards of the search engine algorithm. For this, you have to prove that you are an expert of the field through consistent content updates, certifications, industry-specific awards, reviews, and references. It’s not a one-time or overnight game. It requires diligence and serious commitment from your end.

Focus on the content you publish

While consistency is the key, you also have to make sure that you don’t indulge in thin or small content that weighs about 300 or 500 words. Go live with pages that are deep and contain one thousand plus words. You can imagine the length of your content to be a critical factor in the performance of your content. Another area is its relevance, which has always been important. The information you provide on your website, blogs, or social profiles need to answer customers’ queries. It should target their interests and accordingly, display the piece of details that can be useful for them.

Therefore, what you realize from this is the fact that content quality is the primary element. Whatever you do, you have to build your techniques and campaigns around it. The task may not look easy, and it is not so in reality, also. That’s why taking help of the local experts, such as Toronto SEO Digital Rocket Fuel, is recommendable. The specialists have more awareness about what can work in your favor and what not. At the same time, they can cover all the aspects in their plan, unlike you or your in-house team, who can have plenty of other matters to attend daily. There are a couple of more advantages also of working with a digital agency. Some of them include:

  • Since they specialize in this field, they understand the nuances of Google update better and how it can impact the performance of your website.
  • They can build comprehensive strategies around your objective by taking into account the quality of user engagement, site speed, organic traffic, ROI, etc.
  • Their extensive knowledge and skills can provide you sustainable and evolving results that can prove beneficial to your local business.
  • While they work on your project, you can use that time to focus on other critical aspects of your brand to ensure its progress from every end.
  • The professional companies generally don’t charge their client an unreasonable amount because they are not in a hurry to mint money and consider their work to be sacred.

So, what is it that bothers you now? Whether your site got affected in the recent updates or you want to make sure your online business is entirely safe against them, consider hiring professional SEO services and breathe. They can redeem you from a tricky situation.

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