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Voice search became a popular buzzword in SEO community in 2019. There were various online articles and other resources that revealed voice search statistics that affirmed how voice search was gradually becoming popular. China actively responded to voice search, and the worldwide SEO community thought that this trend would increase rapidly. As a result, the SEO community urged online marketers to up their game to thrive in the constantly-changing SEO industry and also opt-in for voice search optimization.

As we near 2020, online marketers are perplexed, and they think voice search might result in massive changes in marketing strategies. Many SEO experts and agencies often question if voice acquires a principal focus for SEO. Till date, voice has made an average impact on the search behavior.

According to John Muller of Google, people are gradually getting comfortable with voice search. With every passing day, the voice communications are getting mainstream. However, at this moment, no one knows how to leverage the statistics and research data about voice data. For instance, if a business owner is aware that in his business website, a particular section questions are receiving voice queries, he wouldn’t know what to modify in the site. It is because most business owners concentrate on making their website filled with the required information so that users get what they need. It makes them feel they need not do anything extra for voice search. To know more about, this you can get in touch with Joel House Search Media Sydney.

Important questions to ask

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The blunder that most business owners and companies do is start getting busy with voice search, without making the crucial questions. A few essential questions to ask are:

  • Who all are making use of voice search?
  • How are people using it?
  • Has the increase in voice search substituted or modified the way users conduct their online search in mobiles or desktop?
  • What searches will voice search substitute by 2020?

When you address these questions, you know how much you need to delve into voice search. It will help you realize whether it is essential for your online marketing strategy.

The devices used increasingly in voice search

The voice search devices from Google’s suite are used extensively by users. Other names that follow in the list include Siri and Alexa. However, people over 65 years of age make use of Alexa more than other two voice search products. Hence, if a section of your target consumer falls in that age group, you need to focus on Amazon SEO.

Additionally, you can also start to develop the skills to leverage the Alexa marketplace. Taking a glance at other voice search devices, such as Google Assistant and Google Home, you can plan the SEO around it, since till date, it has a 41% usage rate. The average age of users varies between 45 and 54 years old. On the other hand, Siri is famous across a broad age spectrum.

Can voice search rule over mobile and desktop search?

Sometimes, it becomes slightly unrealistic to think that 50% or more searches are voice searches or would be by 2020. However, it always helps to have a general idea about the state of affairs. Today, over 78% of people feel that voice search will gain predominance in the next 5 to 10 years. Around 26% of people think that mobile and desktop search has started to become irrelevant. The statistics will keep shifting as people become more comfortable in using voice search.

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However, it is essential to given attention to human instinct. Mobile and desktop search has been the conventional ways of the online search until a few years back. So, even if voice search is all set to make a significant impact in the online search space, it has to compete with what people have got habituated. Today, most people resort to voice search while driving cars or when they are running errands and are very busy to type. It means that SEO agencies, professionals, and brands should neither overestimate nor underestimate the potential of voice search. Concentrate on the way your target audience functions, and you will know what to expect with voice search.

The way marketers need to think about voice search’s future

Voice search is gradually gaining prominence. It is popular, but it is yet to reach a massive adoption rate that the online marketers thought it would. If yours is a start-up or small-scale business, you shouldn’t ignore that. Today, close to 70% of the people make use of voice search almost three to four times a week. Online marketers need to pay close attention to the way brands get mentioned in voice answers. It will help them to devise the best SEO strategy that can help them rank better.

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You should also pay close attention to how online users of various demographics leverage voice search. It will enable digital marketers to ensure that their voice search SEO and marketing initiatives are in the correct place. Old searchers have an affinity for Alexa. If that’s your target audience, you need to give a boost to Amazon SEO.

The first thing that you need to modify, so that voice search works for you is your content. Make sure that your content has the essential facts mentioned within the first few lines of the article or post. You need to address the customer’s pain points early on to be stay relevant. Also, it’s important to curate the content using a conversational tone. Voice search picks up web content that gets written in a conversational tone, and that addresses the topic directly. Also, marketers need to make smart use of the keywords so that it doesn’t appear awkward.

Voice search is here to stay! It might witness slow growth, but it is all set to impact the SEO industry in a new way. As of now, companies and digital marketers should keep on checking the recent voice search updates and statistics to adjust their SEO and content market strategy. It is not a DIY job! If you do that, you might make mistakes that will cost on your online reputation and customer base. Always, plan your SEO moves under the guidance of an expert SEO agency or professional.