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Google’s SERP seems to have undergone a dramatic change over the last few years. The changes are not superficial modifications but you need to realize the fact that Google is gradually shifting to more portal and less search engine. This sort of evolution is bound to alter the customer journey from Google search. Google is allowing users to choose the option of bypassing clicks and going directly to websites for getting information, taking action, and even for making transactions. We understand that this should be having some ramifications for practically all organizations. Here are some effective plans of action so that companies could get ready for all these changes. Moreover, SEO specialists recommend focusing more on investments in SEO. Investing in SEO could be of pivotal importance at this juncture.

Building and Training Your SEO Team

Experts believe that every role in an organization is involved in activities that impact SEO. Moreover, SEO requires to be seamlessly incorporated into all those corporate activities. It is the responsibility of the SEO team to determine precisely what those activities are and accordingly train professionals to do that. Bigger organizations must integrate SEO into their everyday vernacular. This is an effective way of recruiting dozens of employees into their SEO team that is often referred to as the SEO army. The team must be given relevant training on SEO best practices so that they could identify the SEO loopholes and shortcomings on a daily basis. Your brand’s SEO optimization would depend on your search engine optimization team and upper management for empowering them.

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Boost Writing Proficiencies

News stories, product information, guides, and a plethora of content types would be receiving higher visibility or ranking on Google’s search engine rankings page provided they appear as snippets or are presented in the knowledge panel that comes within carousal. All your writers whether social media managers, copywriters, or even bloggers are required to create content that is authoritative, authentic, and comprehensive enough for competing and vying for organic visibility.

It is mandatory for writers across the organization to focus on mastering the concepts like SEO-friendly schema, JavaScript, writing rich snippets, and even the section that includes ‘People also ask’ in the Google’s search results. Your writers could master the art of writing content by constantly evaluating copy and providing feedback to get the maximum from your endeavors and assure high-quality superlative content.

Be Adept in JavaScript and Schema for SEO

Understanding and implementing schema properly on your website could assist crawlers in understanding your content and subsequently get chosen for being demonstrated as the much-desired featured snippet. The featured snippets and some other rich results would be successfully demonstrating the double-edged sword-like attribute of Google’s portal interface.

With FAQ, speakable content, event, and even more, Google today would be supporting numerous markups for diverse content types thus, making schema an efficient and valuable tool for the contemporary search engine optimization. In the case, you are utilizing WordPress Content Management System; Yoast seems to have overhauled its schema implementation for streamlining structured data entry. However, it is still of pivotal importance for your content development team to successfully validate your code’s quality.

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With the latest update from Googlebot, it could now see a lot more content. There are still some limitations and organizations and brands must be acquainted with JavaScript issues which may be hampering indexing. It is a good idea for your teams to discuss every type of content that can be visible to the search engines and those that cannot be, before coding JavaScript. It is important to remember that some other search engines would not be properly equipped to understand your content. You may seek professional assistance from reputed companies such as for your company’s search engine optimization.

Equip Yourself with Machine Learning & Use It as Your Secret Weapon

As per, machine learning must be utilized to understand and learn everything associated with your customer journey to avoid losing any sales. You may find it almost impossible to do the task incredibly fast. But a machine could do that work much faster and efficiently.

That is why Google mentioned machine learning as something crucial for online businesses. Competent machine tools could go a long way in helping you to analyze everything your customer does on Facebook. They could help in identifying patterns and providing alternatives all along. The reports generated by the machine tools would help you in improving the manner in which you would be interacting with your customers in the future.

Study & Keep Track of Mobile SERPs

The major issue here is that many of you are working on your computers and are examining things on your desktop interface. However, we know that from the 1st of July. All new websites would be indexed as per mobile-first indexing of Google and all the existing sites would be constantly monitored henceforth and would be accordingly evaluated to ensure mobile-first indexing readiness. As most of the searchers are using mobile today, brands must necessarily examine closely the mobile SERP. They must focus on implementing changes and updates for creating mobile-optimized content.

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Make the Most of Big Data

Experts believe that it is better to hire a data scientist as compared to hiring an SEO for studying the data. Data scientists are well-equipped for determining trends and commonalities that could be used by you for boosting your optimization endeavors, informing your content’s stratagem, and enhancing UX or User Experience. It has been recommended by experts to consider using the User Experience Report generated by Google Chrome to do a comparative analysis of various popular destinations using reference UX metrics. This should help you to be proactive in your efforts.


We know that the search results interface of Google has been transformed dramatically but agencies and brands that could get rid of the apathy, reorient all their processes effectively, and rally their existing staffs would be able to identify novel techniques and new opportunities for reaching their target audiences. In this context, you must know that customers wish to be acknowledged. They would love it if you are concerned about them enough to custom tailor your service as per their preferences and convenience.