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Technology has made learning more accessible. It has become so integrated into learning that there are some programs that students consider necessary. Learning would become difficult without the use of these software programs. There are thousands of education programs that students use every day, but some stand out for their excellence.

Here is a review of five software programs that experts at consider irreplaceable.

  1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has become equivalent to typing. Students use it to type their papers, edit existing documents, create PowerPoint presentations, and make complex calculations and more. In fact, most of the documents typed in basic word programs are created with Microsoft Office Suite.

Every student needs the Microsoft Office program on their PCs. Some even find it convenient to get mobile app versions of the popular program. It keeps them one step closer to their studies.

If you don’t necessarily want to use Microsoft Office, then you have to go for a different version. All in all, you need an office suite program to get through college.

  1. OneNote

Taking notes seems to be what college is all about. You need always to be prepared to take vital notes that will help you pass the next test. OneNote is the software program that most students rely on to take great notes.

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OneNote is famous for its organizational abilities. It comes with a navigation bar that helps you organize your notes in many ways. You can even attach other documents, charts, tables, images, and any other relevant files.

OneNote has become so popular with college students that Microsoft has taken note. That is why the program is in-built in all Windows 10 OS versions as a personal working space for students.

  1. Google Drive

You will work with hundreds or thousands of files and documents by the time you are done with college. You will need some of these files and documents from time to time. Unless you are extraordinarily organized, you will need one place to store all your important data. Google Drive is the program of choice for many students.

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Google Drive offers users free space to store their files on the cloud. The program utilizes the best encryption technology to ensure that all users’ files stay safe. It also enables users to share documents quickly and even collaborate on projects. It is what keeps many college students organized.

  1. Writefull

Writing essays is one of the most stressful things about college. Some college students find it so difficult that they prefer hiring academic helpers. However, it wouldn’t feel as hard if you knew how to write a great essay.

It is the tiny mistakes that make essay writing seem difficult. Students who have problem writing essays rely on Writefull, an automated program designed to identify mistakes in your essay. Writefull will highlight all possible errors and offer correction guidelines and suggestions. It is easy to use and integrate with Microsoft Word, as well as other typing programs.

  1. Grammarly

How good is your grammar? As a college student, it should be perfect. Poor grammar will make you seem incompetent and cost you many points over the years.

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Unfortunately, many students struggle with poor grammar, and those that do, rely on Grammarly for help. Grammarly functions much like Writefull – it scans documents for poor grammar, wrongly spelled words, bad syntax, and any other language issues. It also offers correction guidelines and suggestions. Some premium versions even come with a plagiarism checker, which is just as important as proper grammar.

Technology is remodeling education, and it has come to the point that current education systems couldn’t do without technology. These five programs are the most popular with students. They are here to stay.