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Are you looking for some top-of-the-line file converters? Well, you’ll find several online converters on the internet, but you never know which one is the best.

Most of the tasks, businesses, and projects are handled on the computer these days. This is one apparent reason why most of the people are often looking for the best online converters. 

There are hundreds of files that need conversion – audio, video, documents, archives, and e-books. Since most of you know that different devices support different file formats; therefore, conversion becomes necessary. 

However, searching and trying out different softwares before finally getting the best one takes a long time. So, to make your task more accessible, we have compiled a list of the latest and top-of-the-line file converters which will help you convert your files immediately. 

Online Convert Free: 

Online Convert Free is considered as the best converter until now. The software supports hundreds of different formats, making the task a lot more convenient for you. With Online Free Convert you won’t need to look for other file converting softwares since it can save hundreds of different files immediately. 

Online Convert Free can convert PDF files, audios, videos, documents, e-book, archives, and much more. The best thing about the software is that it is straightforward to navigate and use. All you need to do is visit the, sign up or log in, upload your file, choose the desired format, and hit “convert.” Within seconds you’ll get the data in the size you want. 


Convertio – another free converter software which can quickly convert your files in the format you like. To save the data directly from the computer, Google Drive, URL, or Dropbox, there are a few steps you need to follow. 

First, drag, copy, or upload your file and choose the format you want to convert it in. The file can be an audio, video, presentation, e-book, or image. The feature which makes Convertio different from other converters is that allows you to convert multiple files at a time. Just press the ‘add more files’ option. 

After uploading your files, hit the ‘convert button’ and that’s it. You’ll get the converted files within the next few seconds. Amazing, right?


Last but not least is the FileZigZag converter. This converter is similar to Zamzar. The best thing is that it too supports images, audio, document, video, archive files, and documents, which means you can convert all your data on a single platform.

Moreover, file conversion is quite simple with FileZigZag as well. Here are the few simple and easy steps which you need to follow. 

The first step to convert the file is to upload it and choose the output format. Since it is an email-based converter, therefore, after you have selected the size, you need to enter your email address and press ‘convert.’ After this, you’ll receive an email with a link attached. This link has the converted file which you can click to open. 

These are the three top online file converters, which made file conversion easier. To know more about converters, stay connected. 

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