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The Best PC Software for Your Windows Computer
  • Download: BleachBit (Free)
  • Download: Glary Utilities (Free) Download: Glary Utilities Pro ($19.97)
  • Download: PrivaZer (Free)
  • Download: Speccy (Free) Download: Speccy Pro ($19.95)
  • Download: SUMo (Free)
  • Download: f.lux (Free)
  • Download: Classic Shell (Free)
  • Download: VirtualBox (Free)

Consult this list for ideas and discover apps you didn’t know existed. We’re continuously seeking out the best Windows software, and places to download them, for all your needs. Most applications recommended here are free and you can quickly find what you need by browsing the listed programs by category.

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Note that some installers pack bloatware, useless adware that’s pre-selected to install. It’s the bane of freeware. Thus, Unchecky should be the very first app from this list you should install because it can help you catch checkboxes that commit you to downloading and installing bundled apps you don’t need.