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How you can dominate YouTube through YouTube account management software and how to use YouTube proxies to manage your social accounts?

YouTube has become the most well-known and emerging video hosting service for video sharing from the past decade. Through YouTube, it is possible for people to share entertainment, thoughts,and ideas, business information and promotions etc. It is a widely used platform and statistics shows that over five million videos are watched on YouTubeevery day. YouTubehaschanged the way people use the internet, now if people are unsure of something they check it in YouTube and there area number of videos for the explanation.

The marketing potential of YouTube

YouTube is the world’s second most visited site in the world. YouTube is used by almost 1,300,000,000 people. It is an excellent medium for marketing purposes because it has a huge amount of audience.

Some companies do not consider video marketing for their product. However, it has become a must now. YouTube has madeit so easy to upload videos and reach a number of people.  For example, let’s talk about your favorite brands. People search their favorite brands on YouTube to check the new arrivals and other information. Most of the companies are aware of video marketing potential now; they are advertising their products on YouTube and promoting them. Many people are launching their business and start-ups on YouTube.

Other video marketing competitors

Some competitors of YouTube are Flickr, Vimeo and Facebook video that providessimilar services however YouTube stands out due to its huge audience and ease of use.

Why YouTube is important to market your products

There’s a misconception that the number of views of your videos has nothing to do with the customers. If more people are seeing your product information then your product will be more known and you will eventually get more clients and more traffic on your website.

YouTube can be used to advertise and promote your products and to launch your new products; getting customer feedback on your products is also easy. It is very easy to keep track of your videos on YouTube. There’s a special tool for analyzing the status of the uploaded video called YouTube Analytics.

YouTube Advertisement

Most of the companies useYouTubeadvertisement to advertise their product and business. They spend a noticeable amount of money for that. YouTube charge almost $.03 and $.10every time a non-skippable adappears, it can appear at the start, during or end of the video. The amount varies depending on the region and type of video.

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YouTube has become a top and popular online platform,and people are using YouTube ads for the advertisement of their brands because of the growing trend of VideoMarketing. YouTube has become a trend for both online and offline business owners. They are advertising their business through YouTube because of the massive shift of webtowards video.  YouTube ads capture the attention of a larger amount of audience and it is a very easy way to get your business promoted in a short time.

Creating and managing Multiple Accounts for YouTube

Focus on only one topic/niche

It is recommended to focus on only one topic on your YouTube channel because it will help your audience to get a more clear idea about your channel’s content and work.People subscribe for a certain channel when they like your content and want to see more content like that. If the channel is covering multiple topics at the same time then it will be hard for people to understand what it’s really about.

It will also help you to grow your channel quickly because the YouTube algorithm will suggest it to other people who are interested in the topic that matches with your topic. For example, if someone on YouTube watches a video related to cooking then next time YouTube may display your video in their video suggestions if your channel has videos related to cooking.

Managing multiple accounts

If you want to work on multiple topics then you should maintain multiple YouTube accounts for that. You can cover one topic in each YouTube account. For an instant, if you want a channel for lifestyle or fashion and you also have an interest in making Vlogs then you can consider making two separate YouTube channels for that.

Softwaretools to manage multiple YouTube accounts

Managing multiple YouTube accounts can be a difficult task. You may have to put a lot of effort intomanaging multiple accounts, getting followers again can be a problem. Also, you need to be more consistent to work on all of them at the same time. We can have multiple YouTube channels for one Google+page. So you can manage multiple YouTube channels from one account and by using that same account we can switch between the channels by logging in all of them simultaneously.

There are many tools available for managing multiple YouTube channels at the same time. You can do multiple tasks using these tools like video uploading, creating a new video, Replace video’s background, Mass video upload.

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Famous YouTube account management tools

Following are some famous tools and the list of features they provide for managing YouTube Accounts.


It is a very famous and YouTube-certified channel management tool to manage your account.

[Features of vidIQ]

  • Checking channel analytics
  • comment moderation
  • Helps in collaboration with multiple team members
  • Suggest popular tags for search engine optimization
  • Provides metrics for views and keywords scores


It is a social media management tool that also supports YouTube management.

[Features of Agorapulse]

  • You can check all your comments at the same platform and can respond to them
  • Allow you to connect your channel with CRM tool
  • Quick reply in comments and option to save common replies
  • Collaboration with user


It is browser extension/ that provides a number of features to manage the YouTube channel.

[Features ofTubeBuddy]

  • Search Engine Optimization for the video
  • Research and data
  • Promotion
  • Bulk processing
  • Improves productivity

Quality YouTube proxies

Maybe you are living in a country where you don’t need a YouTube proxy and can use YouTube directly. Then all of a sudden your boss transfer you to a place where you can’t access YouTube and can’t watch your videos. YouTube is banned in some countries you can’taccessYouTube from just using the direct link through the internet.

You will need some YouTube proxies to get access to YouTube. This may be unexpected and shocking news for many people but it is true, YouTube is actually banned in some countries. To access YouTube in those countries YouTube proxies are used.

How does itwork

YouTube identifies you by the IP address you are using. If you are using an IP address that is from a country where YouTube is banned then you won’t be able to get access to it. If you use any private proxies then it will use an IP address that can be from anywhere around the world, YouTube will let you access the site because of that IP address information.  Then you need to make some browser settings. You can get access and can enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube.

Why free Proxies of YouTube are not recommended?


There are many free proxy sites available too that can grant you access to YouTube. However, it’s not recommended to use those free proxy sites because they have a lot of side effects.  They can contain many viruses and can affect your system. They do not pass the security test and do not allow HTTP connections which mean somebody can easily get access to the data you are seeing. These free proxy servers can also steal your cookies and can get access to sensitive data. That’s not all, if you, after taking all these risks, somehow still uses these free proxy servers,it’s service don’t worth all the risks. They provide a very poor and slow service.

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Free (public) proxies vs high-qualityPrivate YouTube proxies

You may experience slow speed while using free proxy services because they are poorly funded and also because a lot of people are using these free proxy services at the same time. So it’s better to invest in a private and dedicated proxy to get access to YouTube.

Private proxies are safer and available for paid users only. They provide good and reliable services. Usually, you are provided some information like login and password to get access to the proxy server. It works by changing your IP Address and it provides you a safe and encrypted proxy service. They provide services with different bandwidth and timespan depending on the package that you are purchasing.You can get access to various sites like Facebook, Amazon,and YouTube etc.

It also helps in keeping your data secure because it encrypts all your traffic and ISP will not be able to see the data that you are seeing. They provide more data security, reliability, speedy service and unlike public proxy services they are dedicated to only one user.

Why private proxies are better is better?

You can have access to Public servers without investing any money that’s the only plus side of it;however, you should never use a free proxy server because they have a lot of serious disadvantages. They have spammers and they can steal your sensitive data. Private proxies, on the other hand,provide a veryreliable service. You have to pay money for that but service totally worth the investment. In today’s world when you do all bill payments, bank transactions and purchases online securing your data should be the most important concern. So the bottom line is to use the safer option and invest a little money to get reliable service in the form of private proxy services.