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Not one-year series Need for Speed reigned in the kingdom of racing games. Fresher additions – Hot Pursuit 1 and 2, Underground 1 and 2 and Most Wanted have transformed it into a multiplatform dynasty. But eventually the conveyor «new game every year» all the same has made the dirty deed: one for another left Pro Street and Undercover, strongly conceding to the previous parts. ЕА has arrived wisely, having decided to begin all with zero and declaring that a series will it is restarted with an exit of new games Pubg pc – such which will be ground under an audience of that console on which they will leave.

Need for Speed:

Shift, thus, has appeared in heavy (but inevitable) position of the first game which should return former glory on platforms of generation HD (360, PS3 and PC). Here a surprise: it at all that race what it always was. You will not see the street with traffic on which you should maneuver, escaping from cops. Shift interferes with the territory of serious racing games – that territory that is known on Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport.

The courageous decision for a series which has won to itself glory, thanks to games in which any could take the controller and endure in reality their imaginations cast Fast and the Furious. But Shift is not going and to be only a hardcore simulator: at it there is a set of the options helping driving which will allow you to be kept on a track, and the structure of game is constructed so that you did not appear in a situation when the further progress is blocked by anyone difficult event.

In Shift, all of your time something earn. It can be money for new cars and updating, the points raising your level of driving, the stripes remunerating your achievements, and also stars which open new events. When awards are spread out thus, the aspiration to go is not limited only to desire to appear the first on a podium – and it is the big plus for game in which you will inevitably take place the same races again and again.

The best of the list is a breakdown of points of driving on an accuracy and aggression category, depending on your style of game. For the keen racer whom it wishes to be the faultless driver means that accuracy process becomes a part of your views: it is present on a background on each turn when you try to discover a perfect trajectory, and also influences your approach in each case of overtaking, forcing you to count in advance as well as where you can make it purely.

Yes, sooner or later you will start to count. But it is far not at once. Shift offers you such show that, at least, you first some arrivals you will be, most likely, simply absorbed by the sensation of races for the speed far for 100 miles at an o’clock. The combination of amazingly plausible interiors in a cockpit, the movement of the chamber modeling inertia during acceleration, braking, and turns, and also use of special effects, such as motion blur and depth of field – all it creates the powerful sensation of a real finding at the wheel.

The game leaves far behind in this respect any previous part of a series, generating the emotional emission forcing you widely to open an eye and to seize more strong for the controller – emission which will be estimated even by veterans of races.

Shift as though does not want that you have met a wall. As soon as the admiration of speed will start to cool down, to you the divergence between the model of driving and real experience will be evident more and more. Even though visually displays Shift, the on-road game rather badly copes with to show you inertia and problems of coupling with the road when you squeeze outgas. Any car, from superficial Lotus Elise to massive Bugatti Veyron dances on turn not worse a washer on a table for air hockey. The drivers operated the computer; behave with realistic unpredictability (sometimes it even harms the game).

You never will see that they mechanically cut circles on a line laid by a ruler. But it means also, as it is not necessary to be surprised, when after the turn for a corner you find out one of such racers, developed not in that party directly in the middle of a track after incorrect driving. As the multiplayer returns focus back to usual races, it, probably, is the strongest part Shift. At the correctly picked up group of players all that does such fascinating race against computer contenders, amplifies in times: after all please much more, when you bypass on a brake curve of the real person, accurately being entered after that in turn.

Certainly, it all depends on the contender – also you can spend as a result all-time behind the game to facing machines. But look at it positively: at least, for such a game, you will earn a few points of driving for an aggressive style. Duel of drivers also where works in this mode are better, turning to the open step championship into which you can enter at any time. Shift uses also your network connection: the game offers tables of champions and the award for competition “conquest” when you show the best time in such events.

Certainly, concerning the extended data and statistics, it would be possible to make much more. All these missed possibilities that get out in Shift, leave the constant impression that the command has given all the best completely at the creation of races on a track, and the rest was completed during the remained time.

But even so their efforts have paid off: ability Shift to inhale life in a roar of racing motors blocks the majority of its defects.

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