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Creating a website on CMS platform has now become an easy thing for the developers. Thanks to the best wordpress themes that are available. Most of the websites nowadays are made on the wordpress themes due to its popularity. 

The thing is that it can easily be recognized. It is also a user-friendly method not only for the developers, but for the clients as well. They can easily navigate through a wordpress theme. 

WordPress is the easiest way in which a website’s credibility can be easily built. Plus, setting up a blog site following a wordpress theme is a job which needs no credit. It can be easily done and executed.  

These few reasons have actually paved the way through which wordpress themes are now being integrated in almost every website, considering the big ones like The New York Times and CNN. Here is a list of some best wordpress themes you can use to enhance your website’s customer experience. 

  • Illdy

Illy is currently one of the most trending WordPress themes in the internet. It’s simple background and captivating graphics actually make the theme a desirable one for most of the developers. 

The theme is flexible in giving as much information as the clients wants in the first instance. The font and the design is very much transparent and highlighted to the users. Illdy is crafted to be most responsive and sophisticated website for the modern website needs.

  • It has diverse layouts and template pages.
  • Idly is integrated with all sorts of features. 
  • It is built with innovative and powerful Booststrap coding. 
  • The theme is compatible with all the devices.
  • It has a gorgeous next-generation gallery display. 


  • Allegiant
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Allegiant is for those websites which needs the best WordPress themes for their creative platform. The Allegiant theme can be seen in most of the clothing and jewelry websites because of its elegance in looks. 

The fonts are pretty much stylish but they manage to stand out in the website. This feature is very good for content marketing as people can easily read the motive of the brand in its presentation of the website. The designing is simple but it holds a professional look. 

  • This WordPress theme is fast and flexible in every sense. 
  • Allegiant is technologically sound and quite responsive on every device. 
  • It holds vast expanses of interest. The theme also features a good collection of tools. 
  • If you want a creative navigation then Allegiant is the right choice for you. 
  • It is built n Bootstrap so the functioning is quite easy. 


  • Pixova Lite
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Pixova takes a lot less time to upload, therefore best in optimizing the user experience. This theme is only one-page and it already has a vast impression on lots of developers. Pixova is simple in looking but it is filled with lots of unique features which makes it one of the best landing page WordPress themes. 

The color contrast of this websites awesome and it can be used in any gaming site or a blog site. This is one of those those themes which specially caters to business-oriented sites. 

  • It comes with various options as to how you gan set the widgets. 
  • As it is a business-oriented theme. It is highly responsive. 
  • The section displays and adding logos is quite simple. You can also be a little innovative with the website. 
  • Pixova lite comes with one click import installation. 
  • The integration of WPML makes it very easy to translate texts. 


  • Portum Material
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Portum Material has a very vibrant design and hence it is one of the best WordPress themes for the blog sites which needs a bit of contrast and color in it. It is one of those free themes which are mostly used by creative agencies and other ecommerce sites. 

It is because these sites aim to convert some leads and appeal to their prospects. This WordPress theme helps them in doing that. It is not only simple but you can even customize it according to your own needs.

  • It has a full blog section which is very powerful in conducting content marketing. 
  • The theme is very professional and appealing at the same time. It is responsive too. 
  • The drop-down menus and other side bars are welly animated, giving it a next level user engagement touch. 
  • It has integrated Google Maps and other features. 
  • The customer experience of this theme is very popular. 

So, these are some of the best WordPress themes you can use to design your website and drive in more traffic in comparatively less time.