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Finding a client and making a sale can be quite challenging considering that there are possibly tens of thousands of realtors, small, mid-size, and large competing for a slice of the market. In recent times, much of the activity has shifted to the online environment with potential customers initiating their search for a perfect home on search engines or directly on the website of a real estate agency. However, even though big realtors tend to dominate the market with their deep pockets, it should be borne in mind that even the smallest of agencies can get a chance to compete with them due to the hyper-local nature of the home buying market. Some useful local SEO tips for real estate agencies:

Conduct a thorough SEO Audit

The smartest way to commence your local SEO optimization is to perform an SEO audit because you need to find out the reason why your site is failing to rank well, drive organic traffic, generate leads, and lead to sales conversions. While an SEO audit can be very complex, you should ensure that your site administrator pays special attention to issues like site and page structure, placement of the content elements like keywords, links, images, canonical tags, as well as deal with duplicate content and proper redirects. Care should be taken to identify and fix broken links, interlinking, as well as set up inbound and outbound links. Website performance can also be heavily impacted due to issues of page loading speed and mobile-friendliness. By taking care to bring the underperforming elements up to speed, you can generate larger website traffic and leads.

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Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly 

More than half of all the traffic on the internet is now being generated by users on their mobile devices. Because users are multitasking all the time, even on the go, your real estate website must be properly optimized for mobile devices. By doing so you will have ensured your potential customers can launch your website quickly, access, understand the content at a glance, and take action as may be appropriate like contacting you for further details. The speed of page loading is critical because mobile users are notoriously impatient and tend to abandon sites that do not open quickly. The site navigation must be intuitive and designed to single-hand operation while the layout of the content must be such that the content is crisp and short with the image quality being as high as possible. The design aesthetics must be appealing, the CTAs must be prominent, easy to click but non-intrusive at the same time. The search box should be easy to use and offer selectable filters while the contact forms must be easy to fill. Switch the programming to HTML5 to get rid of all non-mobile compatible coding.

Get Included in the Google 3-Pack

For local real estate businesses to attract a steady stream of organic traffic, it is essential to get included in the Google 3-pack, which is a method used by Google to display the top three results in local searches. The method uses the location of the user so that the results stay relevant all the time. By getting listed in the three components that comprise the Google 3-pack; Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google+, you can be assured of better online visibility and increased traffic. It is important to ensure the contact details like the street address, website, telephone numbers, email, etc. are correct while setting up the Google My Business account because after claiming your business, it is very difficult to change the information. Customize your account by specifying the hours of business and by adding appealing photos of your store and product range. Include a link to your website and also write a concise, compelling, and informative description of your business.

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Register With All Local Trade and Business Directories 

Business directories are a great source of information for people looking to Get House Deals, which is why you need to ensure that your business is registered on all local listings and trade directories in your area. To get started, you need to identify all the directories and lists that are present in your area, including even the marginal ones. Ensure you send in the registration application with the same set of accurate data regarding your business name, street address, phone numbers, email address, website URL, logo, photos of available properties, a brief profile of your business, etc. Make sure that you monitor these directories regularly to update information, and respond to user queries. To build trust and credibility, you should also place the logos and links to your listing on these directories on your website. By registering on these business directories and local listings, not only do you open up more marketing channels for people to access you with but also drive more organic traffic to your website that will increase your conversions.

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Be Active On the Social Media 

Even though social media may not directly affect your page rankings, it is a great way of building awareness of your business and connecting with potential customers. By increasing your exposure, you are better placed to build authority and trust in the minds of customers. Using social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. you can let customers have a glimpse of the exclusive properties you are dealing in so that they feel compelled to visit your website or engage with you on the social media account itself. According to, having an active presence on Instagram can be really helpful to show off your properties. You can increase the number of your followers dramatically by including hashtags that are local-focused and descriptions that include keywords with geotags.


By implementing these SEO tips, you will be able to lay a very strong foundation for the success of your real estate business. However, you need to have loads of patience and ensure that you do not let up on your efforts because it does take a little time for the results to become evident. It may help to engage a professional SEO consultant to assist you to improve your website traffic and conversions.