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YouTube is unarguably one of the top social media and content marketing platforms that we have today. Over 400 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Given the expanse, scale, and reach of YouTube as a social platform, it has tremendous potential to be exploited for commercial purposes. However, it is necessary that you stand out from the rest of the channels, and among the huge amounts of content being uploaded on YouTube every minute.

There are a lot of ways to enhance YouTube views. Some of them are given below:-

1. Create compelling content

Focus on creating quality content. As we all know people prefer quality over quantity. Try to pick out the content by browsing the comment section of your video. In this way, your subscriber will feel connected and would surely stick to your videos further.

2. Encourage viewers to Subscribe

Ask them to subscribe to your channel at the beginning and the ending of your video. This will help you get YouTube views for all your videos. Here is a well known fact that “Your best new customers are your old customers”.

One more thing is that you often ask your subscriber to turn on the “notification bell” icon after they have clicked ‘subscribe’.

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3. Cross-platform promotions: If you have an existing audience on other social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc, let them know when you post a new video to YouTube.

4. Understand the importance of ‘Watch Time’:

YouTube describes their algorithm as a “Search and discovery system”. This algorithm determines which videos should be shown on

    • On the homepage,
    • As suggest videos,
    • In search results, etc.

YouTube algorithm is heavily based on ‘Watch Time’. In fact, according to YouTube, “Each video uploaded, as well as every channel on YouTube is ‘ranked’ by watch time”

5. Enhance your video Titles, Descriptions and tags

YouTube’s algorithm takes multiple items into account when selecting videos for search results. It provides a number of opportunities to optimize your channel and videos such as video file name, titles, descriptions, and tags. Crucially you need to know which keywords you want for your videos and channel to rank for. Overall, aim for a balance between accurate, informative and attention-grabbing titles and this in some way helps you get YouTube views. Thus, make sure to make a description of at least 250 words and include keyword in the first 25 words.

Insert keyword into your video titles. Like description and title, tag helps users to analyze what to expect from your video. But try not to use more than 10-12 tags.

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6. Transcribe your video

Transcripts carter to international audiences and disabled (Hearing impaired) viewers.

You may not believe but transcripts or closed caption (cc) can do wonders when it comes to getting views on YouTube. However, its ability to increase the ranking has always been a topic for debate.

7. Add a watermark to your videos

Watermark allows you to gain more subscribers and free YouTube views by promoting your channel across all of your videos. It’s just like creating a logo for your channel. When a viewer hovers their mouse pointer over watermarks, it compels them to subscribe.

8. Make your videos embedding enabled

Allowing viewers to enable your video on their websites and blogs is an effective way for your brand to reach new audiences and get more views on YouTube. It’s like a free advertisement of your channel.

9. Engage with your audience: – Interact with your audience by responding to their requests. Also, reply to their comments politely. You can go live on your channel. It will make them feel more connected to you and your subscribers will for sure appreciate your effort. It’s important to make a personal connection with your subscribers. You can even ask your subscribers about what they need and want and then you go and make it for them. They think you read their mind.

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Delivering the content your audience wants to see is a sure-fire way to build viewer loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

10. Create an attractive thumbnail image

A thumbnail is a video’s preview image. If you want to get more views then this little image is definitely important. When you upload a video, you can choose one of the auto-generated thumbnail images. But it is advisable that upload your own custom thumbnail image. It can help your videos stand out.

Generally, you can do these things:

  • Include brightly colored backgrounds.
  • Text overlays.
  • Subtle branding
  • Close-up faces

11. Know what’s viral

Keeping up to date with things happening in your industry can be the difference between becoming popular or sinking into the background. Identify the viral content as it happens; so you can share it with your subscribers before anyone else. Being the first to share information will identify you as a leader in your field leading to more exposure to your content and help you get more views.

Initially, it feels like we are failing, but you need to have patience and love the work and continue then one day for sure the magic will happen.