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There has been a sea-change in the manner of television viewing over the last decade since the video streaming services stole the limelight from broadcasters. You can now watch live programs of your choice with complete control to stay entertained by streaming videos, music, movies, and television programs in the way you want.   Not only does video streaming services and apps liberate viewers from the clutches of broadcasters and cable television operators, but it also allows viewing premium channels without subscribing to it. To view Hindi movies online and catch up with the latest blockbusters without spending a penny, there is nothing better than video streaming services that you can access with some special software like Kodi.

Install a media player for video streaming for free

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By installing a media player or software like Kodi, you are completely on your own in viewing television programs, videos, movies, music, and sports programs of your choice. The options are wide open as you can access anything cast on the web by using the powers of Kodi. The biggest attraction of the software is that it gives you the opportunity of viewing live telecasts of sports events without subscribing to the channel. All that you must do is to use a plugin or add-on meant for the software foreven viewing restricted content without any concern despite knowing that it is illegal. Whether you are a fan of the English Premier League or NFL, you can catch up with the live-action without spending a penny.

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From the small screen to the big screen

Besides gaining unrestricted access to entertainment programs by using the web, the media player that you install for viewing video streaming services offers a lot of flexibility in viewing programs on any type and size of the screen. The utility of Kodi is far more than you expect because you can stream local content from your smartphone, hard disk, or laptop to the big television screen. The enjoyment of viewing goes up many more times as you suddenly feel that your smartphone has exceeded your expectations and it is a pure delight to catch up with live-action on the screen.

Tread with caution

Gaining universal access to entertainment programs without any restrictions is a big attraction for those who use Kodi. But you must be careful to ensure that you do not entangle in legal hassles that can arise from it. For example, when you view Premier League live-action without subscribing to the channel, it is a violation of the law and could get you into trouble if caught. To avoid others knowing about the trespassing act, you must keep your online identity under wraps when viewing the program surreptitiously. The best way of doing it is to access the web by using a free VPN for Linux in case you are using Linus operating system for your device.

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The VPN not only encrypts data end-to-end when you surf the web but also conceals your identity so that there are no chances of anyone knowing your online adventures.