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Every individual, while using the printing machines, wants to experience a smooth and error-free experience. However, if you are using an inkjet printer, the probability of error and stress is relatively high. So, it is better to stay aware of dealing with the situations successfully. 

If you are reading this, you are lucky enough as the post is going to provide you with some useful insights about inkjet related stress (IRS). 

Top tips to decrease inkjet related stress in printing

Most the people are not aware of this phenomenon but the printing paper manufacturer is well aware that sometimes inkjet printer can rough product printing owing to over-stress by the print-head. 

However, technological advancement has considerably changed the way traditional inkjet printers used to work. For example, if you have the experience of using a Xerox printer, you will feel a difference in printing. In a case that you have older models and face the issue, you can avoid it by following the given tips:

Ensure printer is completely dry after usage 

After one, you have used the inkjet printer; ensure that it has evaporated all the ink. Many people make a mistake that they turn off the printer right after using it without letting the ink carrier evaporate, which leads to serious issues. If you have an experience, then you surely have an idea that color shades change along with saturation. So, it is suggested to wait in order to avoid pigments while printing. 

Use adequate light for print evaluation 

In a case that you want to avoid inkjet stress, it is better to evaluate the quality of printing. After doing this, you will be able to understand the brightness of the ink and another determinant of printing. For this, you can also hang the paper in the daylight to ensure proper evaluation of color balance.  Don’t forget to view the printed paper again and again to ensure quality. 

Ensure profile selection appropriately 

If you have designed something using the graphics software, you should not ignore selecting the right profile for printing. Sometimes, IRS levels may get different if the profile is not appropriately chosen. This mistake can lead you to color management errors or sunburned prints. 

Take test print for must 

You should check for appropriate papers for getting the photos printed. For example, you can take 5x& or 4×6 sheets and resize the intended photograph accordingly.  After making the adjustments, take the test print to ensure everything is working as per the plan. 

Select print quality wisely 

In most of the cases, people end up with worse printing ever if they do not pay attention to quality levels. So, you should consider checking the properties before the printing starts. It is suggested to pick the suitable levels of printing quality to avoid inkjet related stress. 

Keep a record of ink usage 

The professional photographers and graphic designers always keep the log for their printing resources. It helps them to understand how much resources are consumed while accomplishing a particular printing job. After analyzing the ink logs, if you get to know that your printing machine is consuming most of the ink, better to change it. 

What to do then? You can buy Xerox printers for reducing your ink consumption, as well as the maintenance costs. The best quality printers are always cost-effective!

Final thought on Inkjet Related Stress

Professional photographers and graphic designers often use inkjet printers keeping the color quality and cost-effectiveness into consideration. However, the issues of inkjet related stress can significantly impact the quality of services. So, beware of it!

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