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Innovation is in the very nature of technology. It is evident from the fact that cross-platform app development has got a swift momentum during the past years. Keeping this in view, tech-savvy business companies search for the best mobile app development frameworks to switch from websites to smart apps. This is no doubt a hard nut to crack!

So, to help the business companies in the selection process, a list of top mobile app development frameworks with some basic understanding of the terminology is presented in this blog. Surely, this is going to help you meet your business needs in the year 2020 and beyond!

What is a Mobile App Framework?

The term mobile app framework is referred to as a software library. It ensures a skeletal base for backing the development structure of highly innovative mobile applications. The frameworks for mobile apps are generally categorized as native, mobile-web and hybrid frameworks. The primary benefit is to decrease the developers’ effort to build the basic structure of the application.

However, the success of your business apps considerably depends on the selection of an appropriate framework. So, you need professional assistance from an experienced mobile app development company in Dubai to ensure the features of native and hybrid categories. It will help you to get a competitive advantage in the business market. But first, let’s know about it a little more!

Best app development frameworks for businesses in 2020

Interestingly, frameworks offer the ease and cost-effectiveness of getting mobile applications developed within the budget. But, it is essential to select the best-suited framework for your business accessibility through mobile applications.

Let’s consider a few famous mobile app development frameworks for a better understanding of features and benefits:

1. React Native

It is a JavaScript-based library particularly designed to meet the requirements of native apps development for iOS and Android. It is created by Facebook to empower native developments. It is considered the 11th most famous libraries of JavaScript.

Basic features of React Native

  • Initially, the framework was used for iOS, but it offers the highest performance for cross-platform development for both Android and iOS.
  • React Native offers a wide range of facilities, including various reusable components and third-party modules support.
  • The ease of maintenance is something very lucrative because it requires the programmers to carry on with only a single codebase.

Advantage of React Native

  • Offer optimized performance
  • Highly robust and reusable
  • Suitable for third-party plugins
  • Modular JavaScript Architecture

2. Ionic

Ionic is an open-source framework based on AngularJS frequently used for developing mobile apps. It helps in developing native based applications using client-side programming tools and techniques such as HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Basic features of Ionic

  • Mobile app developers can utilize only one codebase for creating apps for several mobile platforms.
  • The integration of Identity Vault, SQLite and Firebase with Ionic ensures extensive security authentication for mobile apps.
  • The use of APIs such as Cordova and Ionic Native help in minimized used DOM to increase the efficiency of battery usage.

Advantage of Ionic

  • High performance
  • Development of cross-platform apps
  • Availability of efficient plugins
  • The user interface is interactive and adoptive

3. Xamarin

Microsoft offers Xamarin framework to help the mobile application developers create iOS, Windows and Android apps using C# codebase. The coding modules can be shared across various platforms, including Mac OS.

Basic features of Xamarin

  • It is smartly equipped with fundamental controls of user interface that helps the developers to ensure standardization.
  • The framework permits the developers to access native API for Android Multi-Window and ARKit development modes.
  • It is aimed at targeting all platforms using the same language, codebase, and data structures.

Advantage of Xamarin

  • Highly suitable for hybrid apps development
  • Availability of stable software development kit
  • Incredibly appropriate for CPU-intensive processing
  • Eliminate hybrid apps limitations with a complete ecosystem

4. Flutter

It is considered one of the topmost suitable frameworks for developing hybrid mobile applications. The most interesting thing about flutter is the Cupertino style widgets using a rendering engine Skia for 2D visuals. The world’s famous apps including AppTree, Alibaba, Google Ads, and many others, are developed using flutter.

Basic features of Flutter

  • Flutter is a platform-independent framework enabling the development of iOS and Android applications that can be executed on any smart device.
  • It is highly helpful in developing applications rapidly owing to the feature of Stateful Hot Reload for incredible module designing.
  • The popularity of flutter is because of its most flexible yet expressive user interface that enables the programmers to enjoy their work.

Advantage of Flutter

  • Cross-platform support for developing mobile apps
  • Impressive UI for highly logical business designs
  • Light-weighted and incredibly fast in development
  • Optimized time required for developing apps

5. Corona SDK

It is an open-source framework supported by a light-weight programming language Lua. Corona SDK is famous for its high speed and ease of development tools. Not only this, it enables the programmers to create a diverse range of mobile apps for iOS, android, macOS, Windows, and Apple TV. Owing to higher flexibility, it is used for designing games.

Basic features of Corona SDK

  • The best thing about Corona is the availability of several plugins related to in-app advertising incorporation, analytics integration, and media apps designing.
  • The most stunning feature is the active support for native libraries using a wide variety of APIs and programming languages including C, Obj-C, Java, and C++
  • Corona uses the Slack channel for resolving the issues of the framework and answering the queries through a priority customer assistance system.

Advantage of Flutter Corona SDK

  • Offers a universal code base for the development
  • Ensures cross-platform support for all business needs
  • Helps in quicker and easier monetization through apps
  • Enables the developer to source the code with freedom

Want a mobile app developed for your business?

Technology is a revolutionary that has created severe competition among business companies. It is owing to the reason because smartphones are frequently used by individuals to surf their desired products and services over the internet. So, the companies have to ensure their digital presence through websites and mobile apps to ensure business sustainability in 2020 and beyond!

With a diverse range of mobile app development frameworks available in the market, the selection of the appropriate platform has become a tricky task. The main reason is that business people have a little knowledge of technological complexities when it comes to getting their business apps developed for smart-devices.

Agreed with this? You can consult with experienced developers from the premium mobile app development company in Dubai like SpiralClick web technologies to pick the best framework for your business application today. Don’t forget to consider all your business requirements first to make the decision process smooth and easy!

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