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There are currently a wide variety of platforms through which we can, simply, set up our own website even for free. While the alternatives are diverse, there are some options that are better than others in relation to benefits and their quality. In today’s article we will be seeing some of the most relevant reasons based on which we believe that WordPress is the best option today. We hope you find the information useful and are encouraged to give this platform a chance. You have to find the best WordPress Agency to develop an SEO friendly website.

Choosing WordPress for my website

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are several platforms to set up a website today: some simpler, others more complex, most of them with a free and accessible option for everyone. Now, WordPress is one of the most popular and most chosen alternatives by people around the world, and this is no accident.

WordPress, in addition to being open source, is a content management system that allows us to generate all types of pages from scratch: from blogs, online stores, forums, social networks, business websites, among others. The way we manage our platform is via an extremely simple and complete control panel.

Why should we choose WordPress?

Customization options

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One of the key points in relation to the reasons why so many people choose WordPress is the immense universe that makes us available in terms of personalization of the site. This content manager is open source, and has endless tools to use in our favor. If we do not have much technical knowledge in this section, it will be enough to have a template to set up the site and start using it.

Safe and completely updated

Security is one of the highlights of WordPress: in addition to having a solid structure against any type of threat, constant updates of the database and the platform in general means that they are always solving failures, open gaps and everything kind of circumstance that arises.

Good organic positioning for your website

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This is one of the points that probably makes it more attractive: WordPress is the content manager that best positions in search engines, mainly in Google. It has a very attractive and search engine friendly programming base, in addition to respecting their standards and having certain behaviors such as automatic pings every time the web content is updated.

Plugins and add-ons

WordPress has a special section of “plugins” where we can download endless add-ons and tools that will give added value to our website and that will even facilitate the work of managing, positioning or taking care of security threats. If you already have a website but in different platform like PSD then you can convert PSD to WordPress.

Professional designs without complications

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Last but not least, with WordPress we have the possibility of installing totally professional, intuitive and adapted to all types of screen designs with just one click. In this platform we will find free or paid interfaces with excellent quality and ready to use. You will have a web that looks neat and professional in seconds and without the need for applied technical knowledge.