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Hoverboard 360 came out in Christmas of 2016. An advertising company promoted it. The company received many orders and delivered some of these orders. The thing about this company is that it was shady.

Full specs were not available about the product on any website it was available on. Even its original site did not mention full specs to sell it product. Hoverboard 360 was promoted as a Christmas but never delivered on time.

The company guaranteed two days’ delivery, but it would be delayed for up to weeks. A five to ten days’ delay in shipment is acceptable, but a delay of weeks is outrageous. The product arrived late to be gifted as a Christmas.

Sometimes, the customers would not get the delivery of the product they ordered. Weeks and months would go by with no trace of the product. The complaints will not be answered. The company had continued to take orders even it was out of stock.

The delivered product was also not up to the mark. The Hoverboard would stop working after a 30-minute ride. The battery would give out sometimes. A customer also complained that her Hoverboard did not start right out the box.

If a company is selling a product with delayed delivery, then at least the product should be worth the wait and the money. Now the first thing that comes to our mind is “If the customers had any problem with the products, then why didn’t they complain or claim for the refund?”

If only it is possible to get to the company, let alone getting a refund for the product. The customer service for the company is a disaster. When the customers called the customer care services, they would be greeted it an automatically generated voice mail.

Then they would be put on hold. It aggravates the already angry customer. When the voice would return, it would usually say that no one is available to take the customers’ complaint, and the voice box is full. The call will then disconnect.

There will be no other way to contact the company. The angry customers would take to their Facebook page, which is still functioning, given that their website has shut down. The Facebook page is filled with hostile remarks about the product, the late deliveries and no deliveries. The customers also hate customer service.

The company scammed many customers before going bankrupt. One of the customers in his review wrote that he had placed an order for four hoverboards from the company — the price for which was deducted from his card. The company sent an email asking the customer about their credit card photo, front and back.

If the customer did not comply, then their order would be cancelled. He did not send the details and informed the credit card company about the same. He did not receive the refund on his request.

Another customer said that she had ordered Hoverboard 360 and it would not work right out of the box. She attempted numerous times to get to the company with the number provided to her but to no avail.

Then she informed her credit card company, and an hour later she received an email that if he company found that she is responsible for the damages to the product, then she will have to pay the shipping charges to get her product back. The matter was being dealt with by her credit card company.

The fraudulent company accepted orders and did not deliver the product. It was not able to refund the amount to the customer, nor was it able to provide. The credit card companies pressurised this company, and it went bankrupt.

The only pros about Hoverboard 360 are that it was available in different colours and wheel sizes. The cons are explained above.


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