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If you are onto unique video streaming experiences with the help of 9apps, then it has to be Vidmate. This application is for free on the 9apps store and is highly suitable for watching all kinds of videos.

9Apps gives a fast and better App Store experience with thousands of apps like Vidmate, and games available at the user’s convenience. Perform 9Apps download and enjoy safe and secure unlimited apps, games, music, and wallpapers for free. The given information will help in using the app, so read on:

What is 9Apps?

9Apps is one of the most flexible and user-friendly apps available on the internet, be it simple and easy to use User Interface or the vast number of free apps available to download through 9Apps.

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Free-to-download on any smartphone, the application is your gateway to unlimited applications and multimedia to access on your phone without the hassle of going through the App Store. Not only applications and software, but an array of games, music, and customization is available for your leisure and utility. The app is tremendously popular among app store consumers who regularly use 9Apps for downloading all their mobile apps in their day-to-day needs because of the following reasons:

What is unique about 9Apps?

The applications developers are moving ahead with micro-transactions, and more and more apps require fees for multiple unlockable in-built features that are not available for free. These ‘PRO’ features require a monetary amount to use perform some more useful job which the users are looking for. It is quite annoying when an app charges to remove constant pop-ups and ads too. People are not willing to give in to the micro-transaction business when they are already paying for their internet services. Performing 9Apps download will get you all the unlockable services for free, without an additional cost, which saves a lot of money at zero fees, so it is a must-have for users.

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How does 9Apps appeal to consumers?

The application is very consumer-friendly and is easy to use, no matter how familiar you are with applications. The application comes with a guided prompt, which helps the user in navigating the app and exploring the world of free apps just at a screen tap away! Only a little knowledge of smartphone operation is required, and everything is customized to be readily available to the user, through simple functions like scrolling through. Moreover, it has different applications categorized according to their uses, so the user can easily navigate through fitness apps, their choice of games, music apps, lifestyle apps, whatever the need be!

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Where can all 9Apps be used?

9Apps is made not only for your Android phone but is available on PC too! Hence computer users can get 9Apps services too without any hassle and stay in touch with their app needs and get the same services on their computers too. The login services ensure that your Android device and computer stay in sync with which apps you have downloaded, and there is no issue of compatibility with any platform, be it a laptop, computer, tablet or Android smartphone. Moreover, the application supports all Android versions and comes with regular updates to keep you in the loop.