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From a zero-edit pattern to carousel post mania and homemade stickers and memes, your Instagram feed is all set to get a massive creative makeover. And, leading the charge is its aesthetics. Whether you’re an influencer, business or brand, you know the purport and pivot of creating an IG aesthetic that now stretches to IG video, stories, and IGTV. 

In a fast-moving IG world, when you’re dealing with creative mechanisms and aesthetics, you can change things overnight. There’s a process of converting random traffic into followers and transforming the latter into customers. 

  • You’ve to cope with a savvy and evolving IG algorithm. Ensure your posts hit the trends, and are outstanding. Your grid should be like your Home-Page. Nowadays, people are dishing Google for Instagram in their search for a business or brand. 
  • It invariably makes your IG profile an opulent home page. So, while planning or mapping out your profile, it’s crucial for your post to showcase your brand in a story.
  • It includes your story highlights, bio, and editing style and grid design. 

Aesthetic makeover of your grid

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Since user-generated stuff may not be the latest buzzword, but it certainly is redefining Instagram. Curating your feed is the objective and you have brands trying to think out of the blues. Share or report their fans’/followers’ photos, stories, and videos with a neat strategy in place. 

  • As you repost to IG stories, tag profiles in stories and posts, brands now have the bandwidth to curate and uphaul their content with stuff their biggest fans create. It also leads to more Likes Instagram phenomenon as more and more people enter the IG mainstream and for more inputs click накрутитьлайки в инстаграм
  • Whether you use a branded hashtag like Gold’s Gym or Curating your entire feed from your community of ambassadors and endorsers, UGC is the pathway.
  • Being authentic is also very important. Authentic content rules the roost. You have countless brands showcasing a more real, honest, sincere and fragile side to their product or service. Proper authenticity helps you to connect better with your audience. 

Story-telling can shape your aesthetics

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Although certain IG accounts publish posts regularly, you can see a tectonic shift in this approach. The post grid is now turning to stories. Users are making posts more aesthetic, fruitful and compact. 

The main aim is to engage people in your stories. With more swipe and see links and interactive tags and stickers, you create stories to reflect and bolster your brand. 

  • Marketable influencers still hold the key. With their reach getting stronger each day, IG is bestowing more power in influencers. You need to choose those who can compel others to ‘shop’ from you. 
  • Adverts in Explore feed is another viable way as the app is expanding its advert program to touch things beyond sponsored stories and posts on someone’s feed. With over 50% IG users glued to Explore feed, it’s a cynosure for brand to tap potential customers.

Stories with a sonic depth will always perform better. IG confirms that stories with some sound form, whether or music or voice overdrives better outcomes than ads sans any sound. Sound helps in funneling your audience’s interest and transforming their footprint in your account, converting ads to business.