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Trading and stock market investments have become a medium of earning a substantial rate of interest or profits. People all over the world invest in securities to earn profits. While some invest in order to earn a limited amount of profits as an extra source of income. On the other hand, some indulge in regular trading which acts as a source of their livelihood. The stock market, whether primary or secondary, is a medium that is used by traders for investment in securities. People trade in securities like shares and debentures in order to earn profits over and above the invested amount. With the advent of the electronic system of securities market trading, the whole process has become more reliable and secure. Moreover, with the advent of dematerialized securities, the cases of fraud and embezzlement have substantially lowered down. However, the process of investment can be intimidating which requires help from third parties.

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In order to overcome this fear, traders employ the services of brokerage firms and individual brokers. They act as middlemen in a stock market trading process where they help in buying and selling securities for a reasonable amount of fee termed as brokerage. They provide various services including assistance in the opening of Demat account for dealing in the securities market.

There are various types of brokerage companies that provide different services along with customized investment plans like zero brokerage plan. Moreover, there are certain brokers and firms which charge brokerage on a flat rate basis ie on the basis of a number of transactions. They provide limited services and charge a reasonable amount for their services. Such brokerage companies are termed as Discount brokerage firms/brokers. Discount brokers in India are the ones who provide every benefit a normal broker provides but at a lower cost. There are certain discount brokers who provide limited services and other allied services by charging lower brokerage. They provide various online trading tools and help with the complete withdrawal of the invested amount is unsatisfied. This provides them a competitive advantage against other brokerage companies and traditional individual brokers. Discount brokers have completely revolutionized the trading and brokerage industry by helping small traders with limited financial needs.

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Discount brokers are known for their limited service and asset model where they provide some services with less risk and assets owned. They charge on the basis of the number of securities traded and have a lower margin in brokerage rates which makes them a perfect fit for individual traders with limited investment outlay. Their services are limited as compared to full-service brokers and companies.

In order to select the best among various discount brokers in India, one must be aware of the various services they provide to their clients. Traders and investors must consider each and every aspect of discount brokers in order to select the best among them. The selection of a discount broker is an important aspect of the stock market trading process as it determines the overall return an individual can earn after paying for brokerage. A professional discount broker ensures completion of the investment procedure with the best of its ability.

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