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If you are running Windows or Mac OS in the computer and want to download multiple YouTube videos simultaneously, you are at the perfect place. This piece of writing will help you to download YouTube videos in a batch. Fortunately, there are several free YouTube downloader for pc applications. You can pick the program that suits your operating system and does not harm your computer in anyway. Keep reading to learn how to download a safe and reliable downloader.

Once you start typing free YouTube downloader for pc in the search box, you will get a flow of applications and companies. Each of them may claim that they offer a completely free YouTube video downloader. Indeed, some of them are frank, but most of them are not. After spending valuable time downloading the application, you discover that it is free for a certain period or find that a few options are working, but the others are not. It is a real mess. Which company you should trust and which program you should download.

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You need to search deeply to collect the most trustworthy companies and then have a look at their products and offers. While you poke around each website, you will discover more about the company and what policy they are sticking to.

Once you learn that the selected software is 100% free, do not download it immediately!? You need to do a further search to make sure of some issues. Firstly, try to find reviews or something related to those applications in forums and among your friends. Just make sure the app is free of viruses, spyware and Trojans. Bear in mind, some freeware applications carry advertising programs behind it, and once you download that software, you will be surprised with a flood of ads; that is annoying!

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Some other companies offer a completely free downloader, but with first options, only that cannot do the job that makes you happy. They may submit that as a type of promotion and as a part of its advertising campaign.

Regardless of all the above mentioned issues that make the freeware downloader useless, there are some leading companies in the software area that provide a real chance of free video downloader that have beautiful capabilities. Once you download such trustworthy downloader, you can download a bunch of videos and then save them organized in the library. Additionally, most of those YouTube downloader programs have a built-in FLV player so that users can play YouTube videos without leaving the application.

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Also, you can find the option of sharing videos directly on Facebook and Twitter. This is an added bonus if you can find the downloader that enjoys this feature; it will be a great choice.


It is not such an easy task to find a YouTube downloader for PC that is entirely free and safe at the same time. Just search Google profoundly and carefully to get the best YouTube downloader for pc. You can find a downloader that saves you a lot of time and effort.