Leading Engineering Jobs By Which You Fly To Singapore


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    Engineering is a domain of specialists. People all across this domain are expert in their knowledge area. It has always been about solving problems. For every design, there is a purpose and even the simplest things need engineering. Singapore is a developed nation with huge infrastructure and technological development and to deal with such rapid development, the country has professional engineers or budding ones, who own responsibility for a better tomorrow in Singapore. In 2016, the prime minister of Singapore quoted that the country was built on the back of engineers.

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    Firstly, to get an engineering job in Singapore here is a wide variety of things one should know. So. Today in this article we will discuss major streams of engineering in Singapore and what courses you need to excel in this industry: –

    • Robotics and Automation: ingapore wants to develop as a smart nation and in process they want to b ring everything to automation. With the help of robotics and automation the country seeks to manage the manpower shortages and production capabilities creating a better and safe working environment.
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    Singapore as a country wants to device automation in every small act which needs human interaction because they want their population to concentrate on bigger and much meaningful things. Engineering Jobs in Singapore for robotic and automation are in abundance and hence it is a great opportunity to explore.

    Courses Needed

    Both Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) offer diplomas in robotics and mechatronics for students from O Levels or Institute of Technical Education (ITE) backgrounds.

    • Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

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    The biggest of all shoes industry has put a step forward towards the new technology of additive manufacturing engineering a.k.a 3D printing. Additive manufacturing is a new technology that allows mass customization. Which allows a wide range of customization.

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    Courses Required

    NYP is the only institution offering a Diploma in Digital and Precision Engineering at the tertiary level, with additive manufacturing as a subject covered in the third year.

    • Microelectronics:

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    Singapore wants to be the smart nation and in order to do so they have established the engineering field which the country required the most. Microelectronics is field which has Internet of things involved for better development of a smart nation. This domain of engineering is a latest area of study and hence Singapore has a huge job opportunity for this.

    Courses Required

    Temasek Polytechnic’s program (TP) takes students through a general first-year engineering curriculum, after which they enroll in specialized modules and graduate with a Diploma in Microelectronics.

    On the other hand, SP’s Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering offers a double-specialization track in microelectronics, and robotics and control. Both courses will give you up to a year’s worth of exemption from subsequent relevant degree programs in most local universities.

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    At the university level, the National University of Singapore’s degree in Electrical Engineering (NUS) offers students the option to specialize in Microelectronics Technologies and Devices through the electives offered.

    Along with these three, there are a few other major domains of engineering which allow an individual to make a successful career in the country such as civil engineering, software engineering, chemical engineering, and biomedical engineering.

    If you are an aspiring candidate for this job you may go to various job portals and find out the recent job opportunities and also look for the recent developments in your area of interest for engineering jobs in Singapore.