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Ideally you would love to download YouTube videos and save them on to your device. But to download these apps you need to have the right set of applications. Once you have the right set of applications, the videos can be played on demand with the aid of a smart phone. Even it is of essence that you can conserve the data. Let us now explore some of the popular Android downloading apps available on any third party application store such as 9Apps, Aptoid or Apkpure.

YouTube video downloader

This is rated to be one of the popular video downloading apps. With the aid of this app you can download the videos in a variety of formats. Not only you can watch the videos but even download the videos. You can go through any YouTube link whereby an instant download button is provided. With the aid of a download manager you can watch multiple videos at the same time. In the overall context this app provides access to a variety of videos across the YouTube platform. You can even go on to save audio files in MP3 format.

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On the Android app this is one of the best and popular video downloading apps. Not only it is possible to download videos but you can go on to share them across various formats. This really works wonders for someone who has a Facebook page. Just you need to save the file by tapping on the download manager. The videos that you have downloaded are listed on the file manager beside the screen. A drawback with this app is that it is not going to do a great job when you pause and resume files. Even the creators have gone on to fix technical issues so that your data is safe and secure. The only point of consideration is that all the downloading has to be done at a single sitting.

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Termed as free video downloader, you can go on to download a variety of videos across the internet. No matter wherever the videos are posted you can download them with the aid of this application. In order to open this app you need to click on the icon and the app starts downloading. This app is really great as it facilitates faster downloading where you have the ability to download a host of files at a single go. From different hosts various file formats are supported


To watch videos on the internet depends upon the quality of your internet connection. You can bid a goodbye to this problem by opting for Vidmate install. You can do it with the help of a Vidmate apk file. This app has been at the forefront of the downloaded apps and the new version of this app 2019 goes on to take this one notch ahead. It provides a smooth downloading experience where you can download any web link at a high speed. The best part about the new version of this app is that it protects you from the harsh malware files.

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